Protecting Your Gardens From Insect and Plant Diseases.

protecting your gardens

This is what you want your crops to look like

Yesterday we discussed ways of protecting your gardens from rodents and small animals.  So I thought that today we would talk about ways of protecting your gardens from insects and diseases.  Now this is much harder, because there are so many different types of insect and diseases that can affect your plants.

How much your garden is affected by disease and insects is partly dependent on your climate. Gardens in dry climates with cold winters suffer fewer disease problems than warm, moist climates. This is one aspect of gardening that you don’t have much control over.  …

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Protecting Your Garden from Rodents and Other Small Animals

protecting your garden


The other day I was talking to a friend who lives in one of the Rocky Mountain States.  It seems that they have an unusual heavy influx of voles this year.  They have killed several of his young fruit trees by girdling them.  Now I have talked to a surprising number of people who live in my area, who have never even heard of voles even though they are fairly common.  People are just not used to growing and having to depend on their gardens.  I know some who try to grow a garden and if they get lucky once, they think they are great gardeners and if the garden fails, they just go to the store. …

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The Best Guard Animals for After TEOTWAWKI

guard animals

a small terrier can make a good watchdog to warn you of intruders

Now when you go to choose  guard animals, the first and most important thing that you have to decide is what do you want the animals to do.  If you live in an apartment or house in an urban area your needs will be entirely different that someone who lives in the country and raises animals.

If you live in an apartment you may want a small dog that will give you early warning of a threat.  A good example would be one of the smaller terriers. They can be trained and are fairly alert. …

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Rats and Other Rodents can be a Real Problem after TEOTWAWKI


In the past, I have written several articles on rats and other rodents.  Most of us have never had a real problem with rats.  In many of the areas in which we live rats are hardly ever seen and rarely cause a problem.

After a real disaster this would change.  Without the controls and efforts of government and the easy availability of poisons, rats and other rodents will multiply over time.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we may have a short respite right after the disaster while the rats recover and start to multiply.  Check the article   Rodent Control Problems After TEOTWAWKI for more information on this.

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What Happens to Your Pets After TEOTWAWKI?


You don’t want you dog to end up looking like this.

This post today is on a subject that is hard for many people to face.  We are a nation that loves our pets mostly, cats and dogs.  Huge amounts of money are spent on them and the vast majority of them are not working animals.  By working I mean cats that hunt for their food, hunting dogs, herd dogs, guard dogs etc.  The rest are merely companions, and I know this is very important to some people.  So what arrangements have you made for your pets?

I suspect that a good many people will just turn them loose, when food is short.  …

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How to Get Children or Grandchildren to Carry Emergency Gear?

emergency gear

Sometimes it is amazing what they have in their car trunks.

The other morning one of my grandchildren came by and visited with us.  While she was here, we got to talking about what emergency gear she had in her car.  Now she has a good get home and bugout bag.  So I asked her what she had in her car right now.  She had extra clothes, tennis shoes, a blanket and water.  So I asked her where her bag was, she admitted that her emergency gear was sitting in her closet at home.  Being young and in good shape they have a tendency to think they can do anything.…

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Baking Wheat Bread Without Modern Stoves

baking wheat breadMost people have been exposed to baking wheat bread at some point in their lives.  Normally it is done with the use of a modern cook stove or a bread maker.  The bread probably came out great.  But what happens when those modern conveniences are no longer available.

Suppose you want a nice soft, warm, loaf of good wheat homemade bread and you have the ingredients.  You don’t want bannock, hardtack, Johnnycake, cornbread or any of the other breads our ancestors ate. So how do you go about baking wheat bread without a stove?

There are several methods that you can use and most of them are fairly easy. …

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12 Reasons Why Well Trained and Equipped People Fail to Survive

fail to survive

These men had the will and courage to survive

When confronted with survival situation human beings have the potential to overcome challenges, beat incredible odds, and come out a survivor.  However, in survival situations, many people fail to survive not for lack of physical ability or resources, but because of lack of will.  Survival is taking any situation, accepting it, and trying to improve it, while sustaining your life until you can get out of the situation.  Survival is a state of mind.

Here is a list of 12 reason why you can fail to survive

  1. Failure to plan – you need to take the time to survey the situation and make a plan and then follow it.
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Weather Prediction for Preppers Using Nature Signs

weather prediction Most of us depend on the news for weather predictions. We have easy access to the weather service. So what happens when it is no longer available and we have to depend on our own knowledge?  In reality, there are some simple skills that our ancestors used to predict the weather.

Suppose you are starting to cook breakfast over your open fire and you notice that the smoke is not rising but spreading out at a low altitude.  This tells you that you have a temperature inversion.  This creates a sandwich effect.  Sound, light and radio waves bounce between the top of the cool lower layer of air and the ground. …

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Some Tips on Opening Long-term Stored Foods

long-term stored foodsEvery now and then, we hear of people who have had problems with long-term stored foods.  The other day one of my friends opened an old five-gallon bucket of wheat, upon opening it; the wheat looked good on the surface.  But as he got deeper in the bucket, he found a black mold in the bottom half of the bucket.  Fortunately, he had not consumed any at this point since these molds can be toxic.

These types of molds are the result of wheat, grains or legumes being packed with too high a moisture content.  Here is a link to a post that shows the correct percentage of moisture for packing grains and a way to rough test the moisture content at home. …

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