Planning Your Evacuation or Bug Out Route

Evacuating or bugging out is not at the top of my list of planned responses to a emergency.  I will stay in place until it becomes more dangerous to stay than to leave.  Now my plan like anyone else’s may … Continue reading

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Making Fire Under Adverse Conditions can be Critical to Survival.

I occasionally watch some of the survival shows on television.  Most of them are more drama than survival, but occasionally I will get an idea.  I recently watched the new show Alone.  This is one in which 10 men were … Continue reading

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Taking care of your feet

I have been watching the escape attempt by the two prisoners from New York with some interest.  According to the news before the one got shot they had split up. One of the suspected reasons for them having separated was … Continue reading

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Cooking with Prickly Pears

In my younger years, my grandmother canned cactus pads and made jelly from the fruit of the cactus.  The pads are flat and look like a large leave.  Indian Fig is the most commonly used prickly pear species for culinary … Continue reading

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Free Canning Jars are Not Always a Good Deal

Recently we were given a large number of free canning jars in various sizes about 10 cases.  My wife was happy to get them and thought that it was a great deal.  Unfortunately, there was a catch.  When you started … Continue reading

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Faux Recipes to Help Make Hard Times Easier

The other day I wrote an article on Pioneer cooking, one of the things that was mentioned was making do with what you have.  So today, I am going to post some faux recipes (fancy French word for fake). There … Continue reading

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Freeze Dry Guy

Over the last few months I have posted several articles on Freeze Dry Guy and selling off the products in his warehouse.  Well he had a successful sale and has moved out of the bureaucratic state of California.  His original … Continue reading

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Camp Stoves and How to Pack Them

A while back, a friend gave me a used camp stove that burns wood.  Right away, I saw the possibilities in it.  The first thing that I did was to have my son weld a collar on the hole into … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Potato Salad, A Real Treat

For the past, several months I have been on the Adkins Diet and have lost just over 40 lbs.  This diet has worked well for me; I don’t feel deprived or hungry.  Because I love potatoes and miss them, my … Continue reading

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Grow Bags Can be a Useful Tool for Hidden Gardens

A couple of years ago we started to experiment with raised bed gardening.  A large part of the reason was that with age and arthritis it gets harder to bend over.  After looking at all the options, it turned out … Continue reading

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