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Elections have Consequences, What Next for Brexit and Us


European Union

Yesterday’s election for Brexit was a good decision.  Britain will now be able to attempt to regain control of its own destiny.  Being a member of the European Union made it subject to rules and regulations over which it had no real control.  In addition, it eliminated its borders and allowed people from other counties that were members of the European Unit to move to Britain, in other words open borders throughout the European Union.

Now that Britain has moved to regain control, they will be able to secure their own borders and deport many of the immigrates.  Now this will not come without a price. …

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How to Identify North American Poisonous Snakes

In the area in which I live, there is a large population of poisonous snakes, namely rattlers.  They are good in the sense that they consume large numbers of rodents that cause other problems.  Personally, I have hiked this country for years and encounter rattlesnakes on various occasions, but have never felt threatened.  I merely bypass the snake or if they are on a popular trail, I will throw something at them to get the off the trail.  I see no need to kill them unless they are an immediate threat or I want the food.

poisonous snakes

Diamondback Rattlesnake

poisonous snakes

prairie rattlesnake




poisonous snakes

Pygmy Rattler

poisonous snakes

Timber Rattler

In North America, there are four poisonous snakes that are divided into two classes, Coral snakes and pit vipers. …

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15 Helpful Hints that Will Make Your Food Storage Taste Better

food storageHere are some helpful hints on food storage that may help some new preppers and hopefully some seasoned ones.  We all need to learn how to make our food not only look good but it needs to be appetizing.  Try and keep your food storage as close to what you normally eat as possible.  This will help you rotate your foods and be easier on your family when they have to live off of the food storage.

Helpful Hints on Food Storage

  1. Store the best quality foods you can afford.
  2. Use foods that you are used to cooking and your family will eat.
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Fiberfix Tape, a Good Solution for Many Quick Repairs

For years, I have used duct tape for all kinds of repairs.  Duct tape is a great product and has served me will on many occasions.   Now there is a new type of tape that I have found to be very interesting and useful.  It is Fiberfix. They advertise it as being 100 times stronger than duct tape.  It is made of a special waterproof resin, which also has the added benefit of being heat, cold and impact resistant.

The makers of Fiberfix make the following claims about Fiberfix.

“FiberFix combines industrial-strength fibers and specialized resin into a repair wrap that hardens like steel—providing a permanent fix.…

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Pancakes Made from Scratch

pancakesHave you ever made pancakes from scratch? You are missing out by using the mix out of a box. Yes, I have used them too, but anything you get frozen or out of a box doesn’t taste as good.

My son-in-law makes his from scratch and my granddaughters are always looking forward to him cooking breakfast. But pancakes are not just for breakfast anymore. You can make great desserts too. Cover them with fruit, nuts, preserves or jams and enjoy with a little whip cream for a low calorie dessert.

Remember you have to practice making your food from scratch, no stores, no freezers, and no refrigerators before the time comes to start using your food storage.  …

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Being a Good Observer is an Important Skill in the Backcountry.


A lime stone cave near where I live.

The better observer you are, the better your chances of survival are in an emergency.  If you spend a lot of time in the same general areas, you should take the time to learn to read the terrain. There are many nature signs that can help you.  Learning these signs can help you in almost any areas or situations.

For instance, let’s talk about rock.  The type of rock in the area can tell you a lot about what to expect.  Limestone will tell you that you may find caves, holes and stone pillars. …

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Fire Starting is a Skill You Need to Practice

fire startingI watch several of the survival shows on TV and occasionally you will find some good information that slips by the directors.  It seems that many of these shows are more hype than substance.  I wouldn’t want to have my life depend on what I have learned from those shows.  However, there is one skill that most of them point out is extremely important and that is fire starting.

Now over the years I have talked with people who thought that they could play Daniel Boone and start a fire easily.  Most of them ended up using a surprisingly large quantity of matches and never did get a really successful fire started and this was in good weather.…

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Summer has Arrived and it is Time to Start Solar Cooking

solar cooking

A meal cooked on Solar ovens

Summer is here and the sun in shining.  It is time to start solar cooking.  It is fun, keeps the heat out of your house and prepares you for cooking in an emergency.  Now there are many advantages to solar cooking in an emergency.  One it saves fuel, you don’t have to waste time looking for wood or burning other precious fuels.  You can use a solar cooker in the winter as long as the sun is shining and you insulate the cooker from the cold ground.  A friend of mine has used his sitting on top of 4 feet of snow and been able to cook a meal.…

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How the Progressive Left Uses Fear to Control Us

fearOver the last 50 years, I have watched one crisis after another occur.  Each and every one of these has created fear and new regulations and laws that have affected us in some manner.  They have all resulted in a loss of rights

A list of the crisis’s that have created fear.

  • The gas and oil crisis of 1979 – I can remember when they were telling us we would run out of oil by the year 2000. We even had gas rationing, you could only buy gas on odd or even number days  depending on the number of your license plate
  • Acid rain – this was a big scare in the late 1970’s early 1980’s.
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Don’t Panic, Preparedness is a Process

preparednessMy wife and I were talking this morning about how some of the people we know react to events.  They put preparedness on the back burner until something happens, then they panic.  They end up spending money that they don’t have, borrowing or putting preps on charge cards.  Now it is better than doing nothing.  But it is not the best way to go.

Preparedness is a process that should be ongoing.  It should be part of your monthly expenses the same as a house payment or utility bill.  Budget a set amount to buy preps with on a regular basis. …

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