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14 Things to Consider When Sheltering in Place or Bugging In

bugging inI believe that for many of us sheltering in place or bugging in will be the best choice.  The only way in which I will leave my property is when it becomes more dangerous to stay than leave.  Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t have a plan B.  But if possible, I plan on bugging in.  I know the area well, I have family and friends close by that will help and it would be hard to duplicate what I have here in a second location.  I suspect the same thing applies to most of us.

I have spent some time thinking about what you have to plan for when bugging in, and have broke it down into 14 separate areas. …

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34 Foods You Need in Your Food Storage Pantry

food storage pantryThe following is a fairly complete list of foods that you should have in your storage.  The quantities will depend on the size of your family and the length of time you want to live on your food storage.  Personally, I feel you need a absolute minimum of a one year supply and preferably more.  While some of these foods need regular rotation, the majority are long storage items.  With these 34 foods in your food storage pantry you can cook a wide variety of foods to keep your family or group happy.  Good food equals good moral.

34 Items for your food storage pantry

  1. Wheat, if stored correctly, good for at least 30 years.
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Crushed and Powdered Dehydrated Vegetables for Storage

powdered dehydrated vegetables

Crushed peppers

Many people forget that just storing food is not all it takes to be prepared for an emergency. Having your food taste good is also important.  Many of the foods that you have stored will have to be cooked from scratch.  Spices have a limited shelf life, but there are other ways to improve the taste of your foods.  So start thinking about using crushed and powdered dehydrated vegetables to improve their taste.

Vegetables flakes can be made by crushing dehydrated vegetables in a blender, (If you’re using a blender watch your speed, to fast and you will have powder instead of just bits and pieces) If the power is out you can use a rolling pin (just put   vegetables in a plastic bag and crush them.  …

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5 Easy Ways to Find Inexpensive Preps

inexpensive preps

The Dollar Store

As many of you probably know by now, I am cheap, I am always looking for something for nothing.  Now I can’t always get stuff for free, but there are many ways to get inexpensive preps.  Try a few of these ideas and I think you will save money.

  1. Take a good look around during harvest season there is always free fruit and vegetables available. If we see a fruit tree that is not being picked we will often talk to the owners and ask if we can pick some.  Often the reason it has not been picked is due to age or illness in which case we will suggest splitting it with them. 
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Rotating Long Term Storage is Always a Problem

rotating long term storage

Keep a good inventory.

I wish that I could purchase long term storage foods that would last forever without any rotation.  But the truth is you can’t, rotating long term storage is always a problem.  Now because I have been into food storage for about 50 years, I have occasionally run into problems with shelf life.  Just the other day I opened some buckets that were buried in my storage.  They contained wheat that is about 30 + years old.  It looked good, so I decided to see if it would still sprout.

After running a sample through my sprouting trays, I found that a small percentage would start to sprout. …

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Stocking Up on Emergency Supplies at the last Minute

emergency supplies

Empty shelves in a supermarket

In any emergency, whether it is a hurricane, major snowstorm or civil unrest resulting in the interruption of food and other supplies you may need to go shopping.  This may also include the disruption of utilities.  Now if you are a experienced well prepared prepper and are at home with your preps you probably don’t need to read any further.  But if you are a beginning prepper, one of the average sheep with no supplies or an experienced prepper who is caught away from their preps, you need to read this.  Here is a list of emergency supplies that will disappear rapidly and where to find them.…

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Preparedness Suppliers that I can Personally Recommend

preparedness suppliers

Don’t get caught like this

Today I decided to write a bit of a different blog.  Over the last few years I have had the opportunity to deal with a number of different preparedness suppliers.  Some of these have been good experiences, some bad.  So today, I decided to write about some companies that I feel that I can recommend without any reservations.

Freeze Dry Guy  A supplier of Mountain House Freeze Dried Foods and other miscellaneous items.  I have dealt with him for at least 30 plus years and have had no problems.

Disaster Stuff    This is a small company ran out of the Rocky Mountains. …

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10 Ways to have Hidden Gardens

hidden gardens

A edible garden of native plants

Gardening is a great way to supplement your food storage. The problem is that your neighbors or others may see it and you will then have a theft problem.  Hidden gardens are the solution.  Gardens are not as hard to hide as you may think.  Today most people have no idea what many edible plants look like.

The first idea that most people come up with is to hide the garden behind a tall fence and a locked gate.  This is not a bad idea, but a fence can attract the curious and they are expensive.…

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Long Range Patrol Rations or Lurps, the U.S. Militaries Finest Ration

Long Range Patrol Rations

The Lurps come in two colors, white for winter and brown for the other seasons.

Long Range Patrol Rations are in my opinion the finest ration that the U.S. military has ever produced.  The first version came out in 1964 and was used in Viet Nam  for special operations and long range patrols.  It was commonly called Lurps or long rats.

In 2001 they combined the Lurp and the cold weather rations to create what they called the MCW/LRP ration.  They both use the same entrees with different accessory packs.  Cold weather ration entrees are in white, long range patrol rations are in brown.…

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Rotating Food is a Good Habit to Get Into

rotating food

These slanted shelves work well, but are expensive

Every now and then, I like to get back to basics.  So today, I want to talk about rotating food.  One of the biggest problems many of us have is keeping track of our food and rotating it on a regular schedule.

You should have an inventory of your food storage and it should include expiration dates.  This makes it easy to rotate your food.  Once a year you check your inventory and pull out everything that will expire that year.  Move this into your everyday pantry and use it up during the year. …

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