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22 Uses for Plastic Trash Bags for Preppers

  1. plastic trash bags

    Staying dry in a trash bag, I carry black in my packs

    Plastic trash bags can make good emergency rain gear. Simply tear a hole in the bottom for your head to stick out and two holes in the side for your arms.  If you have duct tape you can use it to reinforce the bags around the holes.

  2. If you have to build a lean to shelter trash bags can provide waterproofing for the roof.
  3. You can make improvised foot wear out of plastic trash bags. Step into the trash bag with your stocking feet and then put your shoes on. 
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14 Things to Consider When Sheltering in Place or Bugging In

bugging inI believe that for many of us sheltering in place or bugging in will be the best choice.  The only way in which I will leave my property is when it becomes more dangerous to stay than leave.  Now that doesn’t mean that I won’t have a plan B.  But if possible, I plan on bugging in.  I know the area well, I have family and friends close by that will help and it would be hard to duplicate what I have here in a second location.  I suspect the same thing applies to most of us.

I have spent some time thinking about what you have to plan for when bugging in, and have broke it down into 14 separate areas. …

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More ideas on being a Successful Old Prepper

old prepper

The old can teach the young

The other day I wrote a blog on the realities of of being an old prepper. Some Helpful Tips for Older Preppers Understand that getting old doesn’t mean that we are done as preppers; it merely changes the ground rules.  Most of us older preppers have a family of younger people that we love and care about (if not create your own, adopt some).  Some of them may be preppers or at least leaning that way.  Some may not be established in their careers enough to financially do all they want to.

In my own family, I have grandchildren that fall into this category. …

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Some Helpful Tips for Older Preppers

older preppers

This old man was a prepper

By no stretch of the imagination am I a spring chicken, I am in my seventies and generally in good health.  Now I have been prepping for many years, close to fifty.  Years ago, I was much more physically fit and thought that bugging out on foot was the way to go.  Today I have had to temper a lot of my plans as I have gotten older and wiser.  I have become strong believer in the old saying that old age and treachery can overcome youth and skill.  Don’t underestimate older preppers.

Sure, we have different problems and many of us are not as mobile as we once were. …

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Trash, Looking at It with A Different Prospective

trashEvery now and then, I am asked what you do with your trash after a major disruption.  This last trash day, I was looking at the huge amount of trash that just our street generates and it got me to thinking.  So I starting looking and evaluating what’s thrown out compared to what people did in past years.

The truth is we have become a throwaway society, nothing is made to last.  Even thing like garden tools are replaced every few years with the latest new fad tool.  My father who is almost 93 is still using the same tools that he purchased 40 or 50 years ago and many of them were used at that time. …

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Beware of Scams That are Aimed at Preppers

scamsThe other day I received a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, warning me that the IRS was about to file a lawsuit against me for back taxes and of cause they wanted money.  Two things immediately clicked, one I knew that the IRS would not contact you in this manner.  They always contact by mail.  Second, I knew that my taxes were paid.  So I laughed at them hung up and reported their phone number to the authorities.  Now this got me to thinking about various scams that I see being spread around the internet aimed at preppers.…

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Stocking Up on Emergency Supplies at the last Minute

emergency supplies

Empty shelves in a supermarket

In any emergency, whether it is a hurricane, major snowstorm or civil unrest resulting in the interruption of food and other supplies you may need to go shopping.  This may also include the disruption of utilities.  Now if you are a experienced well prepared prepper and are at home with your preps you probably don’t need to read any further.  But if you are a beginning prepper, one of the average sheep with no supplies or an experienced prepper who is caught away from their preps, you need to read this.  Here is a list of emergency supplies that will disappear rapidly and where to find them.…

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It Takes a Village to Survive in Style


Even the meerkats have figured it out and work together.

I see many different ways that people are preparing to survive TEOTWAWKI.  Some are choosing to go as lone wolfs, others as isolated homesteaders.   I think in terms of a village.  A group that will cooperate together will normally survive in better shape than smaller groups.

By a village I use the term loosely, it can be friends, family, a church group, an organization or a small town.  The whole idea is that you have a number of people who will work together for the common good.  They will not all be equipped and supplied in the same way. …

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What is Your Most Important Prep?

important prepThis is something that I given a lot of thought too.  My stock answer in the past has always been knowledge.  While knowledge is a good answer and quite important, I think, there is a better answer.  Your most important prep is the one that makes the difference between life and death.

Knowledge can be good, but if it is all book knowledge, you can die while you are trying to apply it.  Book knowledge has to be converted from theory to a working knowledge or skill.  A good example would be fire starting, it is great to have the knowledge that birch bark will make good tinder, but until you have tried it and made it work, you don’t have a skill.…

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How Dependent are You on Electricity?

electricityNow I like to think that I can get by without electricity.  So this week, I took the time to do a survey of our home to see how much we depended on electricity.  The idea being how much would a long-term loss of electricity affect us.  This study revealed some interesting results.

  • Clocks – I realized that all our clocks were electric with the exception of one older wristwatch.
  • Lights – here we had plenty of backup. We have a couple of small solar systems and kerosene that would supply adequate lighting if the power is out.
  • Heat – here we are a bit weak, but it doesn’t get very cold here for extended periods of time.
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