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Mora, Your Best Choice For a Reasonably Price Knife

MoraI like knives and have way too many of them including some very high quality ones.  Now with all these knives you would probably be surprised at what gets used the most.  My Mora Companion, which cost me just a bit over $15 on Amazon.  This is a great little knife.

Now Mora is a town in Sweden that is famous for making knives.  Originally there were two major knife manufacturers in Mora: Frosts of Mora and KJ Eriksson.   Several years ago these two companies merged into a company called Mora of Sweden or more commonly Morakniv.

Occasionally you will still see knives under the Frosts or Eriksson names for sale.  …

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Cleaning and Maintaining Sharpening Stones

sharpening stones I recently found some old sharpening stones in a garage sale.  They were covered in oil and looked horrible and everyone passed them by.  They had glossy gray streaks showing metal buildup.  I paid $3 for six stones.

Since the sharpening stones appeared to have been used with oil, when I arrived home, I took a spray can of brake cleaner and sprayed them well.  After letting them soak for a few minutes, I washed them off with a garden hose.  They came out almost as good as new, all the oil and buildup metal in the stones was gone.  Most of the metal filings came out of the pores with the oil. …

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How Multi Tools Saved the Day

multi toolsFor a couple of years, I have been carrying two multi tools, a Leatherman Wave and an older Gerber. Multi Tools are They Worth Carrying? Both have served me well and have helped me in many situations.  Over the years, some people have scoffed and wondered why I carried them.

Recently while in Oregon, I had an occasion to need them in a very unusual situation and they saved the day.  Three of us were out crabbing on the Oregon Coast in a very nice boat when we had a problem occur.  All of a sudden, we noticed that the motor was starting to overheat. …

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Automotive and metalworking hand tools every prepper should have.

metalworking hand tools

Ball peen hammers

Yesterday I posted a list of carpenter tools every prepper should have.  Today I am posting a list of automotive and metalworking hand tools.  Now this is just a basic list.  There are hundreds of other items that could be added to this list, including blacksmithing and more advanced motor repair tools.

The metalworking hand tools shown in this list are all tools that with a couple of exceptions would function without electric power.  If you had these tools combined with the ones on the list of carpentry tools, you would have the necessary tools to do most basic repairs and depending on your skill level, many advanced ones.…

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Hand Tools for Carpentry After TEOTWAWKI

hand tools

A brace and bit to drill holes in wood

Because various members of my family have construction businesses, I have had a chance to talk to some of their younger employees.  One thing that I notice was that they seem to be very dependent on battery-operated tools.  The question of how would you do your work without power tools seems to throw them.  They are completely dependent on power tools and have no real knowledge of hand tools.

A suggested set of hand tools for a carpenter

  • rip saw, (for cutting with the grain)
  • crosscut saw, (for cutting across the grain)
  • back saw,  (a backsaw is any hand saw which has a stiffening rib on the edge opposite the cutting edge, a miter saw)
  • compass saw, (a keyhole saw or coping saw)
  • jack plane, (A jack plane is the general-purpose bench plane

    hand tools

    a hand drill

  • fore plane, (The fore plane is about 14″ to 18″ long and has a cutting edge with a thumbnail shape)
  • smoothing plane, (The smoothing plane is typically the last plane used on a wood surface)
  • shave or drawing knife Do You Need A Drawknife?
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A Review of the Condor Primitive Bush Knife

condor primitive bush knifeI recently received a new knife and today I took it out for a test run.  The knife is the Condor Primitive Bush Knife that is a copy of the one Matt Graham uses on Duel Survivor.  It is an interesting knife and has some pro and con.

The biggest con that I found is the sheath.  I plain don’t like and would not carry it.  The sheath is designed so that the knife will fit in either direction.  This is supposed to make it work for left or right-handed people.  The knife fits very deeply into the sheath and since it lacks a belt loop, I find it hard to get out with only one hand.  …

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Digging Bars Should be Included in Your Preps

digging bar

Here are mine, a four and a six foot.

This morning I got up early and planted a couple of fruit trees before it got to hot.  Now the area in which we live is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the soil can be very rocky in places.  One of the holes went pretty easy; the soil was good and still contained enough moisture to make digging easy.  But the other one was hard and I needed a digging bar.

Now I spent a fair amount of time helping others with prepping and digging bars are something I don’t see too often. …

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Multi Tools are They Worth Carrying?

multi tool

Leatherman Wave

For many years I have carried a multi tool. Years ago I started by carrying the first Leatherman that came out.  I found it useful and carried it for many years.  Later I encounter the Leatherman Wave and found that I liked it and have been carrying it ever since.

It is a great tool, each of the tools are functional and sturdy.  The Wave has the most commonly used tools on the outside and readily accessible.  This also means that the handiest blades and the saw are larger than those on other tools.   Because the blades are on the outside you can open them with one hand.  …

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Everyday Carry, What do You Have in Your Pockets?

everyday carryEveryday carry is a very personal thing; it can depend on where you live, the weather and the laws on concealed carry.  In writing this article I am going to describe what I carry and why.

I probably have too much stuff in my everyday carry.  My wife laughs at me all the time because I wear pants with cargo pockets most of the time and they are usually full of stuff and look baggy. Sometimes I wish it was cool for men to carry a purse or similar bag, so I could carry more junk.  Any suggestions?

Currently I carry both an older Gerber Multi-tool and a Leatherman Wave. …

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Replacing Axe Handles is an Art

axe handle

The new axe handle, head and a rasp

The other day I came across a nice old boys axe.  A boy’s axe is a midsized axe that normally comes with a 28-inch handle and 2 ¼ pound head.  Since this one had a broken handle, I decided to put in a new one.  Now it has been many years, probably over 50 since I have seen this done.  So I figured now was a good time to replace an axe handle.

First I tried all the stores in town trying to find an axe handle.  I finally found one at True Value. …

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