36 Common Household Survival Items you have in your home

commoncommon household survival items

A kitchen knife can serve many purposes

In talking with people about preparedness, I find that many people think that you have to spend a ton of money to get started.  They forget about the common household survival items that they already have in their homes that can be used.

For instance someone was complaining about how much it cost to get a good knife, until I pointed out that he already had several that he had not considered.  It took a quick raid on his wife’s kitchen to find a knife that while not the first choice would serve his purposes.

Here is a list of other common household survival items that you probably already own

common household survival items

Get the kind with no additives

  • If you want snow camouflage, make it out of old white sheets.
  • Cook stoves can be made from old tin cans.
  • A bedroll can be made from blankets.
  • Plastic juice and soda bottles can be used for storing water or food.
  • For warmth, you can wear layers of the clothes you already own.
  • Tampons/sanitary napkins: for first aid dressings
  • Petroleum jelly and cotton balls make good fire starters
  • Any bleach that does not have additives can be used to disinfect water.
  • Garbage bags can be used to build shelters
  • Shower curtains can be used as tarps or a poncho
  • Dental floss can be used as a string or fishing line.
  • Duct tape has a million uses from first aid to repairing equipment
  • Any paper can be used as fire starters.
  • Coffee filters can be used to filter the larger particles out of water
  • Super glue can be used for repairs and gluing small cuts.
  • Mirrors can be used for signaling
  • Vinegar can be used to preserve food
  • Decorative candles can be used for light
  • Baseball bats and other sports implements can make excellent weapons
  • The alternator from your vehicle can be modified to make a small generator to charge batteries.
  • A child’s swimming pool can be used to catch rainwater
  • If you have camping gear, you can use it for making a bug out bag.
  • If you have a home first aid kit, this can be used for treating injuries.
  • All the food you have in your house can be consumed start with the foods that will spoil first.
  • An old refrigerator can be made into a smoker to preserve meatcommon household survival items
  • The average water heater contains from 30 to 50 gallons of water
  • Mouse and rat traps can catch you dinner
  • Nails – you can nail any unnecessary doors and window shut to increase your security. Nail wood over windows excreta
  • Sewing needles and thread to repair and modify clothing or in a real emergency white threat can be used to sew up some types of wounds
  • Soaps to keep yourself and your clothes clear to prevent disease
  • Solar power yard light can be use to provide light at night
  • Charcoal or propane barbecues can be used for cooking
  • Scotchgard can be used to waterproof clothing
  • Aluminum foil for improvising protection from EMP
  • Hand tools for repairing your home or even as improvised weapons
  • Yard tools for gardening

You may have to do a bit of research on how to use some of these items, but most are just common sense. These are just a few of the items that occurred to me, I am sure that many of you have more and better ideas for using common household survival items.  Don’t be afraid to share them with us in the comments section.



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4 Responses to 36 Common Household Survival Items you have in your home

  1. felicia says:

    A small hard side kiddie pool can be a start to building an outdoor shower or a decontamination station.

  2. andy says:

    Newspaper ran through the shredder makes the best fire starter we have used. Thanks for the article, there were several items contained therein that we had not thought of.

  3. scoutsout says:

    You can also use your shredded newspaper (no glossy pages) for mulch in your garden. It keeps most of the weeds out and if your paper is mostly white then it will reflect sunlight to the under side of the foliage. An added bonus of using it as mulch is using much less water and of course ITS FREE!!!

  4. 6 sheets of newspaper will stop all small seeds from poking through. the ink was soy based ink. put shredded paper on top . if a plant does poke through, put more pages on top or pull the plant.

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