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Bleach for Water Purification

I see FEMA, the American Red Cross and others all recommending liquid Clorox, Purex or chlorine as a method for water purification in an emergency.  Bleach can be a good method of water purification, except they don’t mention that  liquid … Continue reading

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What About Your Food Storage after a Flood?

What do you do with your food after your basement has flooded?  First, do not eat any food that has come in contact with floodwater.  Consider the flood water to be contaminated. Get rid of the following types of food. … Continue reading

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The Lack of Sanitation can Kill You

During all the wars the United States fought prior to World War II, more men died of disease than combat.  We are lucky to live in a country and era in which good sanitation is available. When I was a … Continue reading

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