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Corn Pone, a Pioneer Staple

corn pone recipeCorn Pone is a form of cornbread normally made without milk or eggs. It is normally baked or fried. Where corn pone came from is contested in the history books. It is well documented that it was used by both armies during the Civil War, so both the North and the South at least agreed on one thing! It’s also something that was cooked and eaten by pioneers.

Most of the modern recipes we see for corn pone use milk and eggs. This is really just corn bread. Older recipes for corn pone leave out the milk and eggs. The people were poor and often just scraping by.…

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A Field Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking at its Best

Dutch ovenDutch oven cooking is an art.  The pioneers used it extensively and many considered their Dutch oven one of their prized possessions.  Now I have been involved in some Dutch oven cooking with some success and I have several of the Lodge Dutch ovens, but is has not been a real passion.

The other day I encounter a book published by Lodge.  It is the Field Guide to Dutch Oven Cooking.  One of my sons likes to use his Dutch oven and after reading this book, I am starting to see what I have been missing.

This book tells you everything you need to know to start using a Dutch oven. …

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Dutch Ovens and How to Choose a Good One

Summer is here and now is time to get out the Dutch Ovens and learn to cook with them.  Dutch ovens were widely used by the pioneers due to their versatility.  If you don’t have one in your preps you need to purchase one.  We have several, most of which have come from garage sales.

Here are some guidelines on buying a Dutch oven

  • Avoid ones that are made in China, your best bet is to find an old one in a garage sale, an
    This is the style of Dutch oven you want for outdoor cooking

    This is the style of Dutch oven you want for outdoor cooking

    old Griswold or Wagner would be a great find.

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Household Needs

household utensilsHow many of you have the equipment you need for cooking besides the solar oven and Dutch oven pans? I have a set of cast iron pans, different sizes and even some for baking. I think I have a corn bread pan and a square pan for grilling, a griddle for those pancakes and tortillas. When I see them at thrift store or at garage sales I pick them up and clean them, some need re-seasoning for use.

But I don’t think I have a lot of the little stuff I will need. I have these items in the house but not in storage.…

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What Kind of Dutch Oven do You Need


Dutch ovens – These were widely used by the pioneers due to their versatility.  You can make anything from cooking stew to baking bread.  Dutch oven cooking is an art all by itself.  Before purchasing a Dutch oven, consider the following:

•    Dutch ovens range in size from eight to about sixteen inches in diameter.  The most common size is twelve inches which holds about eight quarts.  This size will serve six to eight people.

•    Buy only Dutch ovens with legs.  There should be three legs, firmly attached.

•    The lid should fit tight with no gaps around the rim and have a vertical lip around the top to hold hot coals.…

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More on Solar Ovens

Solar ovens are a great way to cook; they are efficient, clean and easy to use.  In the hot summer the heat stays outside.  They work well in the winter as long as the sun is shining. The ambient air temperature doesn’t seem to matter much, as long as the ovens are well insulated from the cold ground or snow and in bright sunlight.

The one in the picture on the right is an old metal box I found and lined with 2 inch foil covered styrofoam insulation and a sheet of plexiglass for a top cover. It works quite well. …

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