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Free Manuals: Military Manuals & Books on Knots

Here are some additional free downloads of various books on knots and military manuals that you may find useful. You may want to consider downloading them to a older laptop and sticking it in a Faraday Bag. This will let you keep them without the expense of printing them.


Essential Fishing Knots

Pioneering Knots and Lashings


Knots, Splices, Attachments and Ladders

Knots, Splices and Rope Work


Military manuals

Arctic SubArctic SurvivalB-GL-323-003-FP-001

Basic Food Preparation

Canadian Military Field Craft

Marine Land Navigation

Mountain Operations FM3976

Pressure Points Military Hand to Hand Combat Guide

TC 31 – Special Forces Caching Techniques 

Terrain Analysis

Topographic Operations

US Army fm31 70 Basic Cold Weather Manual

US Army Combatives hand to hand combat FM-325-150

US Army Field Manual FM 3-19.15, Civil Disturbance Operations 

US Army Map Reading and Land Navigation

Army stp21-1 Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level 1

US Army stp21-24 Soldiers Manual of Common Tasks Warrior Skills Level-2-3-and-4

US Marine Corps Hand to Hand Combat

US Marine Corp Pistol Markmanship


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NationalAtlas.Gov a Website That May be Useful for Preppers.


Here are locations of all the volcanoes on the west coast.. On their website you can click on the map and get more information.

In the posts that I have written on bugging out, we have concentrated on writing about how to map out a route.  We have discussed topo maps and the use of Google to learn about your area.  Well I came across another government website that provides a large amount of useful information that will help you decide where you may want to move to or develop a good bug out location.  This site is NationalAtlas.Gov  http://www.nationalatlas.gov/.…

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