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Should You, Could You, Prepare For World War 3?

world war 3I can’t ignore the ominous tone of headlines on Drudge Report as well as articles across the internet that a “surprise” nuclear war, a World War 3, is a possibility. Admittedly, with the current leader of North Korea heading up a standing army of 1.1 million strong, with another 8.3 million in reserves, anything is likely.

Oh, yeah. Those pesky “failed” missile tests. No doubt some of them were actual failures, but what if the goal was only to see how far into the atmosphere the missile could reach? Armed with a nuclear warhead, that launched missile may have a chance of creating an electromagnetic pulse near, or over, the American homeland.…

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6 Key Things to Do Before, During, and After a Terrorist Attack

terror attack survivalThey say evil never rests and as we’ve discovered here in the U.S., evil at the hands of terrorists has become more common. We’ve been told by our “betters” that this is the “new normal”, and that we must accept it. So, if our leaders are willing to foist this “new normal” on us, then it behooves us each to learn as much as we can about the tactics of terrorists and how to respond in a way that could save lives. Terror attack survival is no longer reserved for citizens of hot spots like Israel.

A terror attack can take many different forms, and that’s the main reason preparing is difficult.…

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EMP & CME Are Serious Threats

emp cme threatsThis morning I found an interesting article in today’s news that I feel we should pay attention to in planning our prepping.  US intel intercepts memo showing Iran wants to attack grid with EMP weapon… So today I decided to address the subject of EMP and CME. It has been some time since we posted any information on this subject.

As of yet I have not seen the government take an concrete action to mitigate the effects of and EMP attack or a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) event. UPDATE: The 2016 Republican platform mentions EMP as a major threat.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP), also sometimes called a transient electromagnetic disturbance, is a short burst of electromagnetic energy.…

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10 Preps For Your Nuclear-Event Go Bag

Prep Nuclear-Event BagYesterday I wrote an article on the locations of nuclear facilities that are scattered all over the US.  In reality, there are probably additional secret locations that we are unaware of. I detail 7 things you should know about nuclear events in this article.

So today, I am writing to suggest that if you live near one of the facilities, you may want to build yourself a nuclear go bag. This is a bag that you would grab in addition to your bug out bag if you had to flee your home because of a dirty bomb, power plant accident, or some other nuclear incident.…

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An Excellent Article on the Dangers of EMP

Here is an article sent to me by a friend that I think might be interesting to most of you.


Dr. Peter Vincent Pry: America May Never Recover From EMP Attack

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is the Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security for the Congressional Caucus on EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) that endeavors to carry on the work of the EMP Commission. He is also the Director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum, an advisory body to Congress on policies to counter weapons of mass destruction.

Dr. Pry has served on the staffs of the EMP Commission, the Strategic Posture Commission, the Commission on the New Strategic Posture of the U.S., the House Armed Services Committee and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Protecting Yourself in Case the North Korean Detonate a Nuclear Device

With the new leader of North Korea making threats against the U.S. in such a reckless manner, I think we may have to start to take him seriously.  While he may not have many nuclear devices and his missile capability may be somewhat limited, he might still have a surprise for us.  For instance, a ship launched missile to create a high altitude nuclear explosion over the central United States.  This could cause an electromagnetic pulse that would knock out power over most of this country.

If he should set off any nuclear explosions near or over the Alaska, Hawaii or the continental United States there could be problems with radioactive fallout. …

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More on EMP Protection

Tin can with friction lids

Tin can with friction lids

I have recently spent more time on EMP research and testing and have come to several conclusions.  The way I am now testing my Faraday cages is by placing a cell phone inside and seeing if it will ring.  This has lead to some interesting results.  The first thing I found was that the use of a microwave oven for a Faraday cage is very questionable.  They will not block a cell phone transmission.

A 50 cal military ammo can lined with styrofoam with the rubber seal still intact was successful in blocking cell transmissions.  I have always been told to remove the seal or it won’t work. …

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EMP from a Nuclear Blast

Yesterday I attended a radio class that covered nuclear related EMP (electromagnetic pulse) and  EMPsun caused CME (coronal mass ejection).  The majority of the information from the class has been covered in some of my prior posts.  Look in the categories section on the right side of this page and open the category EMP. This will give you some good insight to the problem.

However in the class, I learned a few new tricks and I will be building some new faraday cages in the next few weeks and posting pictures of them on the blog.  The bottom line is that if your electronics are not in a cage, they may be toast.…

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Protecting Electronics with Faraday Cages

I have done a lot of research on Faraday Cages and feel like I am finally beginning to understand them. A Faraday Cage is designed to protect electronics from EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that can be created by high altitude nuclear explosions or solar storms.  See  previous posts on EMP. Some simple examples of Faraday cages are shown below.

  • A booster bag (shopping bag lined with aluminum foil) acts as a Faraday cage. It is often used by shoplifters to steal RFID-tagged (radio-frequency identification) items.
  • The cooking chamber of a microwave oven is a Faraday cage, made to contain the RF (radio-frequency) signals of the cavity magnetron which cooks the food.
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A Source of Potassium Iodide an Information on Nuclear Warfare

I found a website that has the book Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny for sale for $12.00 a copy or $8.00 for five or more.  This is the single best book ever written nuclear warfareon how to survive a nuclear war.  I highly recommend it.  They also have a limited amount of potassium iodide in stock at a reasonable price.  The link to their site is http://www.nuclearpreparedness.org/order_form.php


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