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A Source of Potassium Iodide an Information on Nuclear Warfare

I found a website that has the book Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny for sale for $12.00 a copy or $8.00 for five or more.  This is the single best book ever written nuclear warfareon how to survive a nuclear war.  I highly recommend it.  They also have a limited amount of potassium iodide in stock at a reasonable price.  The link to their site is http://www.nuclearpreparedness.org/order_form.php


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In a Nuclear Emergency when do you start taking Potassium Iodide.

When to start taking potassium iodide is a serious question?  The US government has told us not too, at this time and I think under the current situation this is correct.  However the thing that bothers me is that when a situation occurs that requires it, will the government tell us the truth, and will the pills be available.  This morning I read an article where they are just starting to distribute them to the State Department workers in Japan. Potassium iodide has not been widely distributed in Japan, and the Japanese government has made attempts to cover up the seriousness of the problem.…

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Information on Radiation

The following information is from an email I received from Freezedryguy

“What more happens?  Well, let’s move along to the plume, which is expected over the US Aleutian Islands today, and into Canada and the US tomorrow.

One of the better plume animations has been put together by Der Standard of Austria online here which shows what’s feed into the jet stream.  Another is The Weather Space page here.

From there, you can step through the 160º E by 30º to 40º N and then take a look at the 5-day SFSU jet stream animation build here.

SOURCE: urbansurvival.com

As you know, with the nuclear reactor leakage in Japan, people are trying without much success to locate sources of Potassium Iodide. …

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