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OPSEC: It’s Not Just About Loose Lips

OPSEC-I’ve always been a little on the paranoid side. It started when I began working for the military back when I was almost 19. There was a lot of reconnaissance/intelligence work being done on the Naval Air Station, and I had opportunities to interact with Navy SEALS, cryptographers, intelligence specialists, naval aviators — but there was a heavy recon presence there. What they said they did and what they really did weren’t always the same.

Being in this environment for almost 6 years rubbed off on me.

Sometimes, I would get a call late at night to open up the facility where I worked.…

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14 Things to Consider If You Choose to Bug In When SHTF

Bug In When SHTF (1)I believe that for many of us sheltering in place, or bugging, in will be the best choice if everything hits the fan, such as a major pandemic as depicted in this book. The only way I will leave my property is when it becomes more dangerous to stay than to leave. Becoming a refugee isn’t an attractive option.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I won’t have a plan B for leaving, but if possible, I plan on bugging in. I know this area well, I have family and friends close by that will help, and it would be hard to duplicate what I have here in a second location.…

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Another Example of a Terrorist Attack and What you Need to Do

terrorist attackLast night as I watched the news on the sickening terrorist attack in France, I thought about how easy it is to commit such a despicable act by using something as available as a truck. According to the news, the only actual firearm the terrorist possessed was a 7.65 caliber handgun, the rifles and grenades were fake. I doubt that he had a chance to fire the handgun while driving a large truck under these conditions.

This is an example of how to commit a terrorist action without the use of firearms or explosives. This act and others show that it is possible to get firearms or explosives even in a country with strict controls.…

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Protecting Your Home or Camp with Early Warning Systems

early warning sytems

A good dog can be both an early warning system and a deterrent.

In a real emergency, it doesn’t matter whether you are bugging in or out, you may need to be warned of intruders.  Today many of us sit at home with the doors locked, window closed and air conditioning keeping the temperature under control.  After a disaster, we may have to keep all our window open, to try to stay cool.  This eliminates some of the security we normally have.  If you have people, who are trying to take advantage of the situation by looting you may need to rig up some early warning systems.…

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Security From Electronic Monitoring, What to Look For


Today many of us are on an electronic leash of some kind, most of the day.  The most common being the cell phone, but it can be computers or video cams or even land line phone.  This leash means that we have a security issue.  Any of these devices can be used to monitor your activities.

In the old days servants made great spies, because they were around so much that people forgot about them and would talk in front to them, they became another piece of furniture.  Today we look at our electronic devices the same way.  They are always there and we don’t think about security.…

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Lock Your Doors and Load your Guns

Yesterday, the city attorney of San Bernardino, California made the statement in a public meeting that because of the large reduction in the police force and the increased crime rate that citizens should go home, lock their doors and load their guns.

I think this is only the beginning; the same conditions are appearing in other towns in California and in the certain parts of the northeastern states as a result of the financial collapse.  The town I live in is smaller and has a good police force, but the numbers of car and home burglaries are up.  This is the result of people driving 50 or 100 miles or more to commit them.…

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Things You can do to Increase the Security Around Your Home

Watching all the problems with layoffs since the election and now the war in the Middle East, I feel that now we will have increased security problems on both a personal and national level in the immediate future.

As I age, my eyesight grows weaker and my hearing is a problem and my wife’s isn’t much better.  Since we live by our selves and intent to for many years, this means we need to rethink the security around our home.  In a full-blown disaster situation, we have lots of family close, support and places to go.  But what about now, we still live in a relatively crime free area. …

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Home Security Tips Part 2


  • Is your heating system in proper working order and inspected for dangerous leaks yearly?
  • Is there ample air circulation around appliances that are likely to overheat?
  • Are there any overloaded circuits, long extension cords runs, or too many devices plugged unto one outlet?
  • Is your fireplace or wood stove chimney free of dangerous build ups that could catch on fire?  Do you get your fireplace and wood stove chimney cleaned on a regular schedule?
  • Do you have a protective grate in front of fireplace to prevent sparks, hot logs from rolling into room?
  • Is your kitchen oven hood clear of greasy build-up that could cause a fire?
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  • securtiy door3Do you have metal security doors and are they properly installed.
  • Do you keep a hidden house key outside the house where it’ can be found?  Burglars know where to look.
  • Is your home well lighted with particular attention to exterior doors?  Are your lights on timers, photo cells or motion detectors?
  • Can your main entrance be seen from the street?
  • Are your exterior doors at least 1-3/4 inch solid core?
  • Do all your exterior doors have heavy duty dead bolts and reinforced door frames?  A solid door with a weak frame is easy to kick in.
  • Can anyone gain easy access through a mail slot, dryer vent, or pet entrance?
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