5 Easy Ways to Find Inexpensive Preps

inexpensive preps

As many of you probably know by now, I am cheap, I am always looking for something for nothing.  Now I can’t always get stuff for free, but there are many ways to get inexpensive preps.  Try a few of these ideas and I think you will save money.

  1. Take a good look around during harvest season there is always free fruit and vegetables available. If we see a fruit tree that is not being picked we will often talk to the owners and ask if we can pick some.  Often the reason it has not been picked is due to age or illness in which case we will suggest splitting it with them.  The owners are often glad of the help and invite us back.  The same thing applies to nut trees and vegetable gardens.  This gives us free food to preserve by canning or dehydrating.
  1. inexpensive preps
    A field of wild mustard

    Learn about the wild foods in your area. Right now, the wild mustard is growing beautifully.  There are literally acres of it available.  It is a very nice green leafy vegetable.  Steamed or boiled with seasoning it is quite good.  In addition, there are many other wild foods that will soon be available.  Not to far from my house there is a wild orchard, these trees are on public land and I think we are the only ones to pick them.  My wife makes great jam out of them.

  1. It is garage sale time. Sleeping bags, packs and other camping gear are usually fairly easy to find at good prices. I often end up paying only pennies on the dollar for high quality products.  A few of the things I found in garage sales included a Honda generator, a couple of pairs of good boots, Gore-Tex rain gear, an Aquarain water filter, miscellaneous hand tool, knives, yard tools, sleeping bags, tents, canning supplies and many other items.  Get out on the weekend and check the sales in your area and don’t be afraid to haggle.
  1. inexpensive preps
    A garage sale

    The Dollar Stores are one of my favorite places to look for inexpensive preps. They carry matches, lighters, candles, antibiotic creams, first aid dressings, hygiene supplies, some food items and much more.

  1. Flea markets and farmers markets can be a good source if you are careful. Many of them tend to have high prices early in the day, but toward closing time you can sometimes get bargains if you are making a quantity buy.

Try some of these ideas and I think you will be surprised at how much money you can save by buying inexpensive preps.



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