A Review of the Berkey Water Filters

The other day one of my sons bought a Imperial Berkey and liked it so much he sent me the following review.
On 4/3/13, I went to Disaster Stuff in Rocklin California, to buy the Big Berkey.  I should note that the guys at Disaster Stuff are knowledgeable, helpful and credible.

I decided to buy the Imperial Berkey.  The Imperial is the second largest Berkey.  It holds 2.5 gallons in the lower container.   The Imperial Berkey has room for up to 6 filters, and at 3000 gallons per filter, it can provide plenty of water.  I bought 6 filters.  You can order your Berkey with 2, 4, or 6 black Berkey filters.  With 2 filters processing about 2 gallons a day, the filters will last 8.2 years.  With 6 filters that would be 24.6 years.  The water flow rate is what you would expect from a gravity-type filter.  The more filters you have the faster you can produce clean water.

Efficiency is only half the battle.  If a filter is not effective, it is worthless.  The Black Berkey water filters are extremely good at cleaning water.  They remove herbicides, pesticides, parasites, lead, mercury, 99.99% of pathogenic bacteria, etc.

Setup took about 30 minutes.   I recommend having a crescent wrench on hand to tighten the spout.  That will reduce your set up time.  The water filters need to be primed because of the small pores in the filter.  Over all the assembly was easy.

I recommend the Berkey water filters to anyone looking for a good water purifier.  If you can’t get to Disaster Stuff in person, visit them online at www.disasterstuff.com and have your Berkey shipped to you.

-Your son

After reading his review and based on my experience with Berkeys, I must say that I agree with it.  There are several good water filters on the market, but it is hard to go wrong by buying a Berkey.  They are reliable and there is nothing much to break or go wrong.  Just be sure you put in the cleanest water you have available, like any filter if you try to run mud through them they will clog.  But used right they will give you years of reliability.

I recommend them.


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