Don’t Waste Your Food

Yesterday, my son, grandson and a friend went duck hunting.  Over the course of the day, they shot 18 ducks.  Being not quite as conservative minded as myself, they merely removed the breasts and got rid of the rest.  Now in good times this is acceptable, but what about in hard times.  Now I know there is not a lot of meat on the remainder of the duck, but it would be well worth saving.

The body of the duck minus the breasts can be used to make good soup and stews.  Every time we have duck, my wife ends up making soup from the remains.  It makes a delicious soup.  Now I know that plucking the ducks takes time and energy.  You can wet or dry pluck them depending on your preference.  We prefer wet plucking.  I know a lot of people skin them.  The reason we don’t is that you lose the fat directly under the skin.  This affects the taste as well as losing calories.

Anyway, the point of this article is not to teach you now to pluck a duck, but to point out that in a real emergency situation you cannot afford to waste food.  You must use everything and waste nothing.  Take those ducks, what uses can you think of for the feathers.  How about making fishing flies, feather dusters, clothing or maybe a feather bed.  Now I don’t know how you treat the feathers, but I think I will find out.

Learn how to use all the parts of any animals you can potentially hunt or raise.  An Asian I know gave me a jar of pickled pig jowls and they were quite good.  Waste nothing.


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4 Responses to Don’t Waste Your Food

  1. David says:

    Duck fat adds a good flavor to sautéd items. Try it anywhere you would use olive oil.

  2. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    Consider using the remains to bait other critters in as well to trap or hunt them. The feathers could also be glued to a piece of wood for a primitive decoy even using natural glue like tree resin from pine

    • Matt in Oklahoma says:

      BTW those are good times and time well spent right there. I enjoy all the days i’m in the woods with my family, the kill is only a small part of what you do

  3. Will says:

    One should make duck confit from the legs — a traditional French method of preserving them by salting and then simmering slowly in duck fat.

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