Attacks Cause Infrastructure Failure in California

infrastructure failure

Yesterday, as some of you may have noticed access to my blog was somewhat spotty.  Failures occurred several times during the day and is still not up to its normal speed.  This was caused by infrastructure failure caused by an attack on the cable system.

The infrastructure failure occurred because someone severed three fiber optic cables in Alameda County over a hundred miles from where I live.  According to the Auburn Journal, there have been eleven attacks on bay area communication systems in the past year.  At this time, authorities have no idea who is responsible for the damage.

While these attacks have been relatively minor, and have not caused a total infrastructure failure over a wide area, they highlight the weakness in the system.  Some friends who used one particular broadband system not only lost their internet but also their phones.

In my case, it only partially affected the internet.  You may want to consider not having your phones and internet on the same system.

JJ Thompson, CEO of Rook Security, a security consulting and services provider said that “The pattern of attacks raises serious questions about the glaring vulnerability of critical Internet infrastructure”   “When it’s situations that are scattered all in one geography, that raises the possibility that they are testing out capabilities, response times and impact,” Thompson said. “That is a security person’s nightmare.”

To me this is another sign of the vulnerability of our infrastructure.  It also shows that there are individuals that are working to bring the system to its knees.  The problem that the security people face is that they are always on the defensive.  The enemy is always probing and they only have to succeed once to bring the system down.

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This means that you need to be prepped and ready for the unexpected.


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  1. It is alarming that despite known weaknesses of the internet, there is increasing reliance on it for public safety communications. Most new dispatch centers use web based applications to run all their radio consoles. Field personnel use phones and tablets for critical communications within their agencies. I often wonder if current and future generations would be able to function if these devices malfunctioned. I have often encountered systems that had builtin emergency backups but the personnel never trained on them and eventually forgot about them entirely.

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