A Review of Holding Your Ground

I recently was sent a copy of the book Holding Your Ground by Joe Nobody and asked to review it.  The book is written to help people defend their property against mobs or gangs in a serious emergency that includes the absence of law enforcement.

I read the book and also had a friend who is an old First Sergeant with lots of combat experience review it.  We both agree that it is a good book that belongs in the library of any serious prepper. The methods described are practical and time tested.

The only thing that we did not like about the book was the Excel spreadsheet and formula for determining how defendable your property is. That could have been left out. I particularly liked the ideas for passive defense by making your location look as if it had already been looted. The use of game cameras and perimeter lasers is quite inventive

There is a chapter on weaponry that some people will disagree with. The suggestions made in this chapter are not right or wrong.  As in any discussion on weaponry, everyone has a different idea.  What works for you may not be best for someone else.

Whoever Joe Nobody is, he obviously has some military or law enforcement and the book provides lots of useful information.


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  1. Hello. I’ve just come across your site and have been verympleased with your reviews and the information shared. The book “hold your ground”, where can I get a copy of that? Any help would be appreciated!

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