Can You Survive a Nuclear War?

nuclear warWith all the talk of a third world war going around, I think it is time to talk about the possibilities of surviving a nuclear war.  The first thing to understand is that most of what the public knows about nuclear war comes from disarmament spokesmen, Hollywood movies and science fiction books and is untrue.  If you don’t have the correct information, you won’t take the correct precautions and will reduce your chances of survival.

Many of us remember all the talk that went on during the cold war, when we last faced a threat of nuclear war. Well to some degree the threat has changed since the 1950 and 60s. Because of advancements in the accuracy of the various weapon system the size of the warheads have decreased. In today’s world there are not as many warheads and they are smaller, thereby increasing our chances of survival.

The next question is whether or not there would be a full-scale exchange or merely a limited one. Many authorities think that it would only be a limited exchange, confined to mainly military targets and that common sense would prevent a full-scale exchange. It could even be that we would fight a major war with conventional forces. Remember even Hitler hesitated to use poison gas in World War 2.

The truth is we don’t know what will happen so we have to make choices, do we do what most of the US population does and trust to luck. For most people survival will be a matter of luck not preparation. For us as preppers we have the chance to improve our odds by having knowledge and preparations.

Take the time to learn the truth about nuclear weapons and their effects. Get hold of a copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills by Creason H Kearny probably the best book ever written on this subject.  Even though this is an older book it provides excellent information on everything from making your own radiation detectors to building improvised blast and radiation shelters.  You can purchase a copy from Amazon or download it for free.

Another good source of information is to go to the categories list on the right side of this page and click on nuclear.  This will take you to a number of useful articles on surviving a nuclear attack.

Whether it is a full scale war or a single bomb from a terrorist attack, the knowledge of how to survive a nuclear war may be the difference between life and death for you and your family.



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4 Responses to Can You Survive a Nuclear War?

  1. Ed Harris says:

    The late Kirk Paradise was a classmate of mine at Virginia Tech, and after retiring from the US Air Force was plans coordinator for the City of Huntsville and Madison County, AL Office of Emergency Management. Huntsville is the home of the US Army’s Redstone Arsenal and this region has been at the forefront of America’s nuclear preparedness program since the Cold War. This link can direct you to numerous information and training resources. Kirk was a consultant to the US Department of Homeland Security and FEMA, and testified before congress on nuclear threat and preparedness issues post 9/11.

  2. Methane says:

    Guess, if some Nagasaki & Hiroshima citizens can survive a nuclear attack, then I’m sure some U.S. Citizens will too. We can’t live underground all the time. Preparedness in being able to grow your own food and learning new recipes to cook the only protein (insects) that will survive the blast will keep you alive.

  3. Margy says:

    I remember in the 1950s going to the Nevada desert and my parents parking along a road with lots of other peope. In those days, above ground testing wasn’t secret. We saw the mushroom cloud from a long ways away, but I’m sure that wasn’t the smartest thing to do. I often wonder about all the cancer in our family. Was it related? – Margy

  4. gonewiththewind says:

    If there were a nuclear war with two nuclear powers most of the population in those countries and probably many other countries will not survive. The bombs are bigger and nuclear war theory states that you must MUST destroy the other country completely OR you will receive a similar attack. That would require between 2000 and 4000 nukes spread over the U.S. followed days to months later with nukes for targets not completely destroyed. Survival will depend on pure luck, i.e. not being near or downwind from a target and the ability to prtect yourself (underground) for about 7 weeks (more is better). Then you must survive living with what ever is left. A real nuclear war in the 21st century will be a civilization ending disaster.

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