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On a personal note, my new book is at the printers and should be available in about a week.  It will be available on Amazon for $19.95 or  you can contact me direct.  Discounts are available for quantity orders, contact me at preparednessadvice@gmail.com.

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS AND MORE: a Manual on Food Storage and Survival is a comprehensive book designed to provide preparedness information to the average family in America today.

It consists of 19 chapters covering:  Amounts and types of foods you need to store to be self-sufficient; learning how to package your food for long-term storage; knowing what to do when the power grid fails.  How do you cook food and light your home without electricity?  What type of medical supplies should you have on hand if you’re on your own?  If the water system fails, do you know how to purify your drinking water?  Learn about communication and precious metal trading.  All this and more is included in this easy to read book.


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