How do You Entertain Your Children After TEOTWAWKI?

children after teotwawkiChildren today are used to being entertained almost every single minute of the day.  Between school activities, television, computers, tablets, phones and electronic games, they are always being entertained.  As a family we have encouraged our grandchildren to learn to read and spend time outdoors as much as possible, but it is hard with all the distractions they face.  So how will you entertain your children after TEOTWAWKI?

In the past, most children had to work and they only had a few homemade toys.  They had to use their imagination, which I believe helped to make them creative.  Children of my generation learned to read and many of us grew up with a love of books.  Today I still see many people reading, but it is on Kindle or some other electronic device.  Now I am not saying don’t use electronic devices where they make your life better.  I have a Kindle and use it often; it is an easy way to carry books with me.  However, the important books that I need for survival I want backed up on paper.

If things collapsed tomorrow, how would you educate you children after TEOTWAWKI?  Do you stock paper, pencils, pens schoolbooks etc?  I go to garage sales all the time and am always seeing great books for sales for a few cents.  How about an old typewriter, I see them for sale all the time and cheap.  There is always good sales on school supplies at the end of the school year.

Just because the system fails does not mean that your children should not be educated.  The means and type of education may change.  One thing that they will have to learn will be to work, which is something that most of today children do not learn.  Reading writing and the other traditional forms of education will still be important and you may have to be their teacher.

What about entertainment?  Children and even adults will need some form of entertainment to help keep their moral up.  Board,card games and even musical instruments are possible solutions.  I see them every week for sale cheaply in garage sales.  Fill a cardboard box up with games and put it in your storage.  After TEOTWAWKI, the games will be new and exciting to your bored kids and maybe even grandparents.

Both you and your children will have to adapt to a new life style, a little pre-planning can make this transition easier.


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  1. Games like hopscotch, Red Rover, and tag require no equipment. Tic Tac Toe, hangman, and other games just require a basic pencil and paper. Even without a store of games, there are games that require nothing. We had no tv or ac, but we played without many toys. What toys we had, we put away to just play. Kids can learn to do that again if parents don’t bemoan the lacks in their new life.

  2. Illini Warrior says:

    That initial period after a serious SHTF could mean 100% indoors for the children upwards of 3 weeks …. depending on your individual situation it will probably be uber dangerous for much exposure …. and children are extremely bad for OPSEC …. last thing you need is a story about last nite’s beef stew dinner …

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