How to Hide Almost Anything

Many years ago I ran across a book called “How to Hide Almost Anything” by David Krotz.  I decided to write a review of this book because of all the requests I have been receiving for information on stashing items.

While the book is a bit dated and not always easy to find it contains a lot of good information.  It tells you how to create hidey-holes in sizes ranging from hiding a key to hidden rooms.  It is an easy read and while it does not always give step-by-step instructions it gives you great ideas.  From hollowed out beams to removable baseboards it covers every area of a home.

These types of hidey-holes will not stand up to a determined police search, but are great protection against burglars.  If a burglar can’t find it they can’t steal it.

You can find used copies of it on the internet.  I did a search and found it for sale from about $7.50 to $41.00 a copy.


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3 Responses to How to Hide Almost Anything

  1. Andrea says:

    We have this book. I agree with your review. It is somewhat dated but the ideas are creative. Many of these ideas would definitely NOT stand up to a police search. But hey, at least you can hide stuff from burglars. It helped me to think of new ideas, instead of the standard locations like under the bed or in a drawer…which are obvious locations.

  2. caryn verell says:

    growing up with brothers, sisters and big extended family members i learned real fast that if you valued anything at all and wanted to keep it you had to have good hiding places…this became a fascination for me as a kid. then i read about how the jews hid their valuables during wwll…….today, i was putting a label on a quilt that i made and at the last minute i left one end of the label open…handstitched a small snap and voila, a nifty hidey hole for an important document, paper money, or photos..or even a small weapon…just gotta be mindful when it is time for laundering… anyway, what i am trying to say is the best hiding places are usually in plain sight but insignificant. being creative is the key.

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