Jim Rawles New Book and Bomb Day

Jim Rawles the author of “Patriots” and “The End of the World as We Know” has written a new novel called “Survivors”. He has asked me to write about bomb day Oct 4. This is the day his new novel “Survivors” comes out. He has asked everyone to wait until Oct 4 to purchase the book from Amazon. They are currently taking preorders. He is hopeful that it will get in to the Top 20, overall, and the Top Three in the Action Adventure category.

If you look at the heading on my blog, you will see a heading named Suggested Reading List. Several of his books are on this list as well as two of mine. In the future, I will add more selections. If you go to this list and click on a book, you will be able to order it from Amazon. This will earn me a small commission and help support the blog. Thank You

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2 Responses to Jim Rawles New Book and Bomb Day

  1. sethwyo says:

    I advise people to NOT buy rawles’s books or listen to the advise he gives. his awful book ‘patriots’ was badly writen and unrealistic.
    rawles is not a survivor, he is only making money selling ‘fantasy preper’ nonsense to armchair yuppy preppys.

    No real survivalist would want MRE’s for survival food, rawles dosnt know what he is talking about when it comes to survivalism. he has writen a few books so people think he must know what he is talking about, but he really dosnt.

    • Security Guy says:

      Hmm, looks like one of those attacks I mentioned recently.

      Patriots was a good book and I thought it was well written. Patriots actually was branded the most dangerous book in America because of the real world info it contains (do an internet search and you will find the articles). Hope Survivors will be as good. As for MREs those are a back up, do you even realize how expensive it would be to have 6 months worth let alone a years worth. Let alone the constipation from constantly eating them for long periods of time.

      If you want fake survivalists only out to make a buck, go to a 2012 website. The vast majority of them are run by scam artists.

      Oh yeah, as for writing, use spell check. Then tell us about writing style.

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