The New World Series by G Michael Hopf , a Review

new world seriesTo my way of thinking, there are basically two types of apocalyptic fiction, the ones that consist of a good story and are educational like Patriots and the Survivalist  Series and the second type that is just a story.The New World Series, consisting of The End, The Long Road and Sanctuary are about the results of an EMP attack on this country. To me this series falls into the category of just a story.

The story is told by the daughter of our hero much later in her life.  If I had not made a commitment to read these books, I would not have finished the first chapter of the first book, The End.  It started out very slow.  My wife made it about a quarter of the way through the first book.

I will admit that after the first chapter The End got more interesting.  The New World Series is heavy on violence and to me the main character was not likable and did not take care of his family.  Be warned that the books use a fair amount of bad language.

If you are or were a Marine, you will not like the books since they show the Marine Corp in a bad light.  They are disloyal and mutinous.

I wanted to like this series, the subject is one I normally enjoy reading about and I like the publishing company.   But I cannot say that I really enjoyed this series nor would I recommend it to my friends.  My apologies to G Michael Hopf the author, but I am not a fan of this series.

I do have one set of the New World Series to give away.  If you still want them send me an email at with suggests for a future post and I will enter your name in my drawing.


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  1. Papa J says:

    Love your site, but this time I disagree with you. At least this part of our 1st Amendment hasn’t been taken away. I liked all 3 books and although I can understand your view of the Marines as traitors, it brings a certain new twist of human nature that can be brought out in a collapse of the system.
    In the book I felt he brought out that decisions we make don’t always turn out the way we plan. We humans aren’t perfect. I felt his pain as he made a few wrong decisions that can give us insight if this does ever happen.

  2. Thank you for reading and giving your thoughtful review of my novels. While you did not like them nor would recommend, I feel grateful to anyone who takes the time and effort to express their honest opinions. Of course as someone who creates art, having someone disregard your efforts or dislike them is not what we desire. Any artform is subjective, I knew this going into it. Not everyone will like what you do.
    As a former combat veteran of the Marine Corps I do disagree with your premise that I view Marines as traitors. I am merely giving Americans a glimpse at the psyche of our fighting men and women. So often it is presumed that they will blindly follow, regardless of the orders given. This is not the case and from my personal experiences when we fight, we fight for our brothers next to us and family. I recognize that the world is not black and white but gray. I painted a portrait of a world that no fighting man or woman has ever gone through since the Civil War. When our families are in jeopardy it is a documented fact that entire units have abandoned their posts to protect the homestead. Today our fighting men and women go out into the world and protect us by being forwardly deployed, they do this because they trust that their families are secure. If that dynamic changes, I can tell you, all bets are off. My novel has been openly embraced by many vets as they understand. I have found that it’s non-veterans for the most part that have issues with how certain military characters conduct themselves in my novels. I believe this comes from a major disconnect our great country has with it’s warrior class.
    I respect your thoughts and opinions, but to characterize me, a vet, as anti-Marine is a characterization I disagree with completely.
    Thank you again for your time and thoughts and always stay frosty!

    • admin says:

      First I don’t believe that I characterized you as anti-marine. I personally did not like the roll the Marines played in your book. By the way I am a vet having served quite a few years in the military, I also have a law enforcement background and am familiar with the warrior class. I personally did not like the fact that the Marines shot the locally elected officials in so that they could take over. That is not what I think the US Marines represents.

  3. charlie says:

    I actually enjoyed the series very much.
    My main gripe is that there is I think much more to tell.

    Are you planning a fourth book in the series as I feel you just left it hanging


  4. Charles Richardson says:

    I’m a Marine combat vet and absolutely love this series. Did the mutiny surprise me sure. I felt more than a little conflicted about the battalion commanders decision. Isn’t a good book suppose to make you question what you would do if put in the characters shoes? Does power not give noble men with the best of intentions the justification to become monsters as long as the end justifys the end? Also for the author to comment on your post in a respectful manner is admirable. Great series. Probably my favorite.

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