Can Openers can be a Problem

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the 250 cases of food that we removed from under a friend’s house, when he moved.  Today I Encountered a New Food Storage Problem.  Some of the food was quite old dating from the 1970’s and of course there was the problems with the labels and some rusty cans.  A number of these cans were given to a friend of mine who ate some and used some of the more damaged products to feed their pigs.  This resulted in a surprising problem with can openers.

The people involved are serious preps and have a homestead.  They only go food shopping a couple of times a year.  Because they do so much home canning they rarely open tin cans.  When this food arrived, they had to go out and buy a can opener because they couldn’t find one at their home.

They went down and purchased the typical Chinese made can opener from the local big box.  Well many of the number ten cans that are used for long-term food storage are a better grade of can than the ones you normally get at the grocery store.  Well so far, they have worn out three of the cheap can openers.  Some of them have failed in as few as ten of the large cans.

If you are storing a significant amount of canned foods, particularly #10 cans, you may want to think about buying a restaurant style can openers.  There are readily available through Amazon or on Ebay.  A friend who owns one suggests that you consider one made by Edlund.  They cost about $100, but they are pretty much bulletproof and you can get extra parts for them.

I know right now having a fancy can opener may not seem like a big deal, but you are probably not opening several number ten cans a day.  These can openers can be a time saving device, and as you get older and develop some arthritis in your hands you will learn to love this type of can openers.


4 thoughts on “Can Openers can be a Problem”

  1. I found a marvelous US-MADE CAN OPENER ON LINE….it’s called E-Z Duz It and it’s very well made. I’ve got one that I use regularly and 2 more in my preps. It handles the #10 cans with no problem and it glides around smaller cans like a knife through soft butter. I think they only cost around $10 each, if I remember correctly!! Google it….

  2. Anonymous Citizen

    I was going to comment on those very EZ-DUZ-IT can openers mentioned by Goatlover. They are great. Amazon has them right now for $15.79 for a pair of two of them. (Two is one, one is none, remember!)

  3. I stocked up on the old Swing Away can openers years ago when they where still made in America and still have 4 or 5 brand new ones on hand, if you know how to use them correctly they last for a long time, I still use the one I have from 10+ years ago. And keep them clean as well it helps. but I do a lot of canning in the summer so I really don’t use mine a lot, and I bought and bunch of original issue (form the U.S. government) can openers from the 60’s still in the card board wrapping from a local Army supply store and just last year my dad gave me his original issue one he got in 63′ . I use them on tuna or chicken cans every few months so I don’t forget how to use them.

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