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The New World Series by G Michael Hopf , a Review

new world seriesTo my way of thinking, there are basically two types of apocalyptic fiction, the ones that consist of a good story and are educational like Patriots and the Survivalist  Series and the second type that is just a story.The New World Series, consisting of The End, The Long Road and Sanctuary are about the results of an EMP attack on this country. To me this series falls into the category of just a story.

The story is told by the daughter of our hero much later in her life.  If I had not made a commitment to read these books, I would not have finished the first chapter of the first book, The End. …

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How do You Entertain Your Children After TEOTWAWKI?

children after teotwawkiChildren today are used to being entertained almost every single minute of the day.  Between school activities, television, computers, tablets, phones and electronic games, they are always being entertained.  As a family we have encouraged our grandchildren to learn to read and spend time outdoors as much as possible, but it is hard with all the distractions they face.  So how will you entertain your children after TEOTWAWKI?

In the past, most children had to work and they only had a few homemade toys.  They had to use their imagination, which I believe helped to make them creative.  Children of my generation learned to read and many of us grew up with a love of books. …

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The Survivalist Series, four Excellent Books of Apocalyptic Fiction

The Survivalist SeriesThe Survivalist Series is a series of four books, Going Home, Surviving Home, Escaping Home and the newest one Forsaking Home  written by A American.  I don’t want to give much of the plot away, so I am going to say that the series starts with a massive infrastructure failure that catches our hero away from home.

The books cover his trip home and the things that he has to do to protect his family.  Along the way, he meets other interesting characters who greatly add to the story.  I have talked to others who have read this series and while they all liked it, one complained that the book sometimes went into to much detail.  …

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Free Preparedness Manuals

hunting manual

Here are some additional free downloads of various preparedness manuals.  Many of these are older books and I have not had the time to review them.  Use the information in them at your own discretion.

Hope these preparedness manuals will be useful to you.




Solar Dehydrator.PDF



Guide 6, Preparing and Canning Fermented Foods and Pickled Veg

Practical Guide to Free Energy DEVICES




Joy of Canning





How to make common things










Food Storage Cooking School






Every Step in Canning

Essentials of Archery



DOD Electromagnetic Pulse Protection Manual













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A Review of Brushfire Plague: Reckoning

 Brushfire Plague Reckoning

I have always enjoyed post apocalyptic fiction with all the various scenarios that they present.  Brushfire Plague: Reckoning is the second in a trilogy written by R.P Ruggiero.  About a year and a half ago, I reviewed Brushfire Plague, the first book, and liked it.

The second takes off where the last one left off and is well written.  I think that I liked the second more than the first.  This book covers some of the problems in traveling through unknown territory with possible hostiles laying in wait.  Again, I don’t want to say too much and ruin the book for you. …

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Hazardous Spills and Transportation

How dangerous is your neighborhood, do you live near a major highway or railroad tracks?  Trucks and trains transport large amount of hazardous materials.  In case of a major natural disaster, train or truck accident, this can cause you to have to evacuate or risk sickness or death.  Hazardous or explosive materials can contaminate large area rapidly.  Some large spills can require evacuations of up to a mile or more downwind.

If you live near any routes over which hazardous materials are moved you want to obtain the latest copy of the Emergency Response Guidebook published by the U.S. Department of Transportation. …

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Why Store Wheat?

It seems like everyday as I read blogs I see questions about why  store whole wheat.  When I first started storing food in the mid 1960’s about the only guidelines around were the ones put out by the LDS Church.  This included the so-called Mormon four, wheat, sugar or honey, powdered milk and salt.  It was taught that you could live on only these four items.  It was never designed to be gourmet eating, but you could survive. Since this was the best information available, I followed it and learned how to use them and I am glad that I did.…

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A Review of My Book

Today is a bit of a self-serving post.  Yesterday the Prepper Website one of my favorite sites, published a review of my book “Emergency Preparedness and More, a Manual on Food Storage and Survival”.  You can read the review here.  With Christmas coming, my book would make a great Christmas present for both experienced and beginning preppers.  My book can easily be found on Amazon.

As I mentioned the Pepper Website is one of my favorites  It reviews many other sites and puts up some of the most pertinent articles on a daily basis.


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Brush Fire Plague,the Book

I like post apocalyptic fiction, the stories are normally interesting and I always learn something from them.  Often it is what not to do.  I just finished reading a book called Brush Fire Plague by R.P Ruggiero.  It was a book I quite enjoyed.  At first I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, the first couple of pages seemed to be a little stilted.  But after that, it got better and I found myself really enjoying the book.

The book dealt with a plague in a suburb of a large metropolitan area.  I don’t want to say too much so as to give the plot away. …

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A Real Mountainman

He can survive in the desert.

For many years, I have had a copy of the book Outdoor Survival Skills by Larry Dean Olsen.  Recently I wrote an article and stated that most people would die of slow starvation if they attempted to live solely of what they could gather from the wilds.  Well he is an exception to this rule.  He has spent most of his life teaching the ways to survive in the western U.S.

While teaching at wilderness survival courses at BYU, he took thousands of students on survival trips in the desert.  The students were only allowed to take the clothes on their back and often stayed out weeks with him. …

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