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Free Produce and How to Glean It Fresh From the Fields

free produce

Food left in the field to rot

This morning I ran across an article that states that ½ of all the produce grown in the United states is thrown away. Half of all US food produce is thrown away, new research suggests. This is something that I believe based on personal experience.  For the last few years we have been able to get lots of free produce.

If you ask, many farmers will let you glean their fields.  Sometime the vegetables are not perfect, being deformed, but still taste the same.  Late in the season after the main harvest there are often new vegetables and fruit appearing. …

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The Truth About Precious Metals for Survivalists

precious metalsA friend sent me this article on Precious Metals and I thought you might find it interesting.

There are a few common misconceptions associated with precious metals and how they may not be helpful to a preparedness plan for either a SHTF scenario or potential economic collapse.

  1. If I can’t eat it, drink it, or use it to defend myself, I don’t need it.
  1. I’ll just get stuck buying some worthless coins and never get anything out of them.

Although these are some generally popular perspectives, they are completely misguided and incorrect.

So how can precious metals be useful for survivalists when the economy collapses?…

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Protecting Your Family Finances from the Effects of Brexit

protecting your family financesEver since the results of the referendum on Brexit have known, the stock markets in much of the world have lost value.  This is a paper loss of billions of dollars according to some sources. Shares of Bank of America and Morgan Stanley plummeted by 13% apiece in the two days after the shocking Brexit vote. Even though banks and the broader markets are rallying on Tuesday, Goldman Sachs is still down 22% this year.  So how do you go about protecting your family finances?

Well first of all, please understand that I am not a financial or investment advisor.  I am just an old man who has observed the world for the last 70 years. …

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Elections have Consequences, What Next for Brexit and Us


European Union

Yesterday’s election for Brexit was a good decision.  Britain will now be able to attempt to regain control of its own destiny.  Being a member of the European Union made it subject to rules and regulations over which it had no real control.  In addition, it eliminated its borders and allowed people from other counties that were members of the European Unit to move to Britain, in other words open borders throughout the European Union.

Now that Britain has moved to regain control, they will be able to secure their own borders and deport many of the immigrates.  Now this will not come without a price. …

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Get Inexpensive Preps by Going to Yard Sales

yard sales

My new water tank

I love this time of the year, its spring and the yard sales are starting.  Every year I add to my preps for pennies on the dollar.  Last week I bought a good Alice pack complete with fame and all the straps, plus a pistol belt, canteen and a small pouch for the total sum of $10.

This morning I bought a 300-gallon water tank with most of the piping to hook it up to rain gutters for $50.  A great buy, since it had only been used for fresh water at a couple of home shows. …

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10 Steps to Improve Your Personal Economy

economyThese last few days I have been giving some thoughts to the economy.  First, let’s get something straight, I am no economist and have no real expertise in this area other than my personal experiences.  Being a bit on the older side, I have seen the economy go through many different stages, from good to bad.  But what I am watching today is quite strange.

Now I am judging the economy by the way it affects our family and friends.  Because we as a family are fairly conservative in our spending, our family is not doing badly and everybody is working or retired. …

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Bartering After TEOTWAWKI, Is It a Good Idea?

barteringPersonally, I intend to do some bartering, if things fall apart.  Now what you trade and how you go about it is a bit complicated.  First there is two things that I would be very careful about who I bartered with, ammunition and alcohol.  Now I know that many people have stored extra ammo with the idea that it will be good trading stock.  I believe that there will be a demand for many different types of rounds, particularly 22 and 12 gauge birdshot for hunting.


Don’t be this guy

When you trade ammo, you want to be sure that it is not going to be used on you. …

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Insurance is an Important Part of Being Prepared


The even put up plastic to contain everything in the kitchen area.

For years I have thought that one thing we needed to include amongst our preps is a good homeowners insurance policy on our property. As a result, I have always had good homeowner’s from The California State Automobile Club.  Now over the years I have had a few minor claims but nothing major, until last Wednesday.

We were home in the afternoon and my wife had a load of washing running in the kitchen.  All of a sudden, I heard her yell the washing machine is leaking. I ran in and found the kitchen floor to be almost an inch deep in water. …

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The World Economy and Whats Going to Happen

economyI don’t claim to know a lot about economics and I am not into predicting what is going to happen, but occasionally things occur that I get concerned about.  This last week I have been watching what is occurring with the stock market.  Just yesterday, it dropped over 400 points, and there is no telling where it will end up tomorrow.

I see the disruption that is occurring in the Chinese economy and other strange things happening.  Like Warren Buffet who has always been against big coal is suddenly buying it up like crazy.  What does he know we don’t?

The precious metal market is a total mystery as to who is manipulating it.…

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How to Keep From being Ripped Off While Buying precious metals

precious metalThis morning I talked with my friend Blake who owns the Pacific Rim Gold & Silver LLC, a local coins shop.  We were talking about the various ways you can get ripped off while buying precious metal.

In a near by town in Northern California, several people were recently ripped off by an unscrupulous coin dealer.  There are currently a number of counterfeit coins made in China showing up on the west coast and on ebay.

The first rule is that the coins or bars should have the correct weight.  Precious metals such as gold and silver are normally sold by the troy ounce. …

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