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Thermal Imaging Devices, Pro’s and Con’s

thermal imagingA few months ago, I posted an article on hiding from thermal imaging devices, since then I learned a bit more about them.  So I decided to post a second article with some new information.  I see a number of people purchasing various infrared imaging devices instead of night vision.  Now there is nothing wrong with infrared imaging devices, they serve a good purpose.  But be sure you understand the pro’s and con’s of them prior to spending your money.

An infrared device or thermal imaging camera forms images using infrared radiation, similar to a common camera that forms an image using visible light. …

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Desiccant Packs, What They are and Why You Need Them

Desiccant Packs

The desiccant packs that come with many electronic items

I live in a fairly dry climate and have not had problems with preps rusting from the humidity.  However, I know that it is a big problem in parts of this country that are subject to high humidity, so I thought that I would write about the use of desiccant packs and how to use them.

As an oxygen absorber is to air, a desiccant is to moisture.  A desiccant pack will draw moisture from the air the same as an oxygen absorber will draw the oxygen from the air.  Desiccant packs are used all the time in electronics and can often be found at any store that sells electronics.…

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Every Prepper Needs a Battery Tester

battery testerMy wife will tell you I am cheap, I try to drag the last ounce of life out of everything.  We use a lot of Eneloop rechargeable batteries, but because of the number of alkaline batteries we have had in storage we also use them.  Now I have noticed that just because a flashlight, radio or what have you, goes dead not all the batteries do.  Owning a cheap battery tester saves us a bit of money.

I bought a battery tester at our local Radio Shack for a few bucks (probably the best buy I ever made at Radio Shack). …

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My Trip to Utah and Visits with Suppliers of Preparedness Products

preparedness productsThis last week or so I have been traveling in Utah to visit family.  While there, I was able to visit four different companies that deal in preparedness products.  I dropped in on all four companies without any notice to see what I could learn about their operation.

The first company I visited that sells preparedness products was Emergency Essentials, now to be fair I dropped in at one of their stores not there headquarters.  This is a store I have been in before and have always received good service.  Today was the same; the employees were able to answer questions and appeared to know their products. …

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A Good Portable Solar Charger, the New Goal Zero Nomad 7

Goal Zero Nomad 7

Nomad 7 with Guide 10 attached using longer USB cable.

I have both the older Goal Zero Nomad 7 and the new Nomad 7 solar panels.  The new one has some improvements over the older panel.  These are a lightweight portable solar panel designed to charge batteries, cell phone and other small electronics.

I have used the older model for a couple of years now for charging double AA batteries quite successfully.  The new model has just come out and according to the Goal Zero website differs from the old one in the following.  “The main differences between the two models are that the newer Nomad 7 has a full 1 amp output out of the USB port vs.…

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Small Solar Systems are Easy to Make

small solar system

A small solar system designed to power lights and possibly your refrigerator for an emergency is easy to build.  It is something that you can do yourself without a lot of training.

If you have read yesterdays post, you know how to figure out how many panels and batteries you need.  You can use either new or used solar panels.  If you want used and live in Northern California e-mail me and I will give you a source.

To build your small solar system you will need

  • Solar panels, make sure they are matching panels, same size same manufacturer.  You can mix some panels but it takes a bit of expertise.
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Storing Information on Computers for After TEOTWAWKI

Storing information

Storing information in binders works well

The other day I was talking to some friends about storing information.  Much to my surprise even though they are preppers, they still store a lot of information on computers, without paper copies.  Granted they do have extra laptops and an alternate powers system.  But me, I figure all electronic devices will fail, it is just a matter of when.

While computers are a big part of my life, since I use them everyday, I still take the time to back up my critical information on paper.  I have binders full of various articles and notes that I feel would be important after TEOTWAWKI.  …

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Protect Your Internet Communications With the Tor Project

The whole situation with the NSA and internet surveillance is a major invasion of our privacy.  I know some people say if you are not doing anything wrong, it shouldn’t bother you.  My attitude, I do many things in the privacy of my home that are perfectly legal, that I would not want the world to see.  The same thing applies to the internet, I might just be saying sweet nothings to my wife or gossiping about the kids, perfectly legal, but I don’t want some government official reading them.

One possible solution that you may consider is the Tor Project. …

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Emergency Weather Alert Radios

Two years ago this month I posted a blog on emergency radios; a lot of this information is a repeat of what I discussed then.  As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog you need a radio that is NOAA equipped.  After trying several the one I own is the Kaito Voyager KA500.   This a perfect radio for everyday use, emergencies and disasters, it comes with all the features that you need in any emergency situation.

I use it often on solar power.  The radio has several alternate power sources, solar, hand crank, batteries, USB cable, a built-in rechargeable battery pack and an AC adaptor. …

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An Excellent Article on the Dangers of EMP

Here is an article sent to me by a friend that I think might be interesting to most of you.


Dr. Peter Vincent Pry: America May Never Recover From EMP Attack

Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is the Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security for the Congressional Caucus on EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) that endeavors to carry on the work of the EMP Commission. He is also the Director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum, an advisory body to Congress on policies to counter weapons of mass destruction.

Dr. Pry has served on the staffs of the EMP Commission, the Strategic Posture Commission, the Commission on the New Strategic Posture of the U.S., the House Armed Services Committee and the Central Intelligence Agency.

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