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15 Ways to Put Ratchet Straps to Good Use

Ratchet straps… most of us have them around in the garage or car trunk. I’ve kept one in the back of my truck for a couple of decades now! Over the years, it has come in handy more than I ever thought it would.

Ratchet straps come in a variety of strengths, widths, lengths, and hooks. The weaving of ratchet straps is similar to that of a seat belt, designed to keep things secure and in place.

Types of ratchet straps

There are three types of tie down straps

Lashing StrapsThese have a gator clip and are fairly easy to use for light weight objects.

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2 Prepping Principles to Remember

prepping principlesTumultuous times don’t exactly portend a prosperous future. When I was in college and then into the early years of my career, it seemed that my income would continue to increase. The value of our house would always go up, year after year, and by the time I hit 65, I’d have more than enough money to retire and live the good life.

I’ve wised up, though, and the world has become more and more chaotic. Right now my retirement funds are looking good, but that wasn’t the case just 7 or 8 years ago. It’s been a wild ride, financially, and I don’t feel particularly secure about the future.…

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The Problems of Velcro on Tactical Gear




It seems like a lot of the tactical gear and camo uniforms that are currently available use a lot of Velcro? Now new Velcro has it place for some uses it is quick and convenient.  But it’s also noisy, and when the going gets real dirty and muddy, it just doesn’t stick together anymore.

Personally, I try to avoid gear that uses Velcro.  On uniforms, I prefer buttons.  The stay closed, don’t catch on strange surfaces and last longer.  On tactical equipment I prefer the plastic squeeze clips like on surplus M16 magazine pouches and the square 2 quart canteen covers. …

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Choosing A Good Sleeping Bag for After TEOTWAWKI

sleeping bag

U.S. Army sleep system

These last few days I have being giving some thoughts to sleeping bags.  Now whether you bug in or bug out, a sleeping bag can be your best friend in winter.  If you are stuck in a cold home with little heat or have to bug out in the winter, you will want to sleep as warm and comfortable as possible.

Now there are a few things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a sleeping bag.  First, what type of winter weather are you dealing with?  In my area if I go 20 miles downhill to the west, the temperatures will be relatively moderate, rarely going below freezing, but with rain and lots of people. …

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Century Fuel Products Tri Fuel Generator Conversions.

tri fuel generator

Here is the generator with the air cleaner removed, ready for the new gas valve to be installed.

The other day I converted a Honda Eu2000 into a tri fuel generator.  Now this is the second time, I have converted one and I am no mechanic, if I can do it anyone can.  Now a tri fuel generator runs on gasoline, propane and natural gas. Natural gas may be available for a period of time after electricity fails. Propane stores indefinitely and gasoline may be available at times.  With the ability to run on all three fuels you have a better chance of finding fuel in an emergency.…

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How Multi Tools Saved the Day

multi toolsFor a couple of years, I have been carrying two multi tools, a Leatherman Wave and an older Gerber. Multi Tools are They Worth Carrying? Both have served me well and have helped me in many situations.  Over the years, some people have scoffed and wondered why I carried them.

Recently while in Oregon, I had an occasion to need them in a very unusual situation and they saved the day.  Three of us were out crabbing on the Oregon Coast in a very nice boat when we had a problem occur.  All of a sudden, we noticed that the motor was starting to overheat. …

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An Epic Boot Failure

boot failure

The boots

This morning my wife and I decided to go for a four-mile hike.  Now this is a trail that we hike on regularly and normally have no problems.  Lately my wife has been complaining about her ankles and so she decided to wear boots instead of athletic shoes.  This led to a major boot failure.

About four years or so ago, she had put a pair of boots in the trunk of her car with her get home bag.  Now she checks her bag a couple of times a year and that includes the boots.  So today, she thinks I will wear those boots because they will give my ankles more support.…

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A Review of the Condor Primitive Bush Knife

condor primitive bush knifeI recently received a new knife and today I took it out for a test run.  The knife is the Condor Primitive Bush Knife that is a copy of the one Matt Graham uses on Duel Survivor.  It is an interesting knife and has some pro and con.

The biggest con that I found is the sheath.  I plain don’t like and would not carry it.  The sheath is designed so that the knife will fit in either direction.  This is supposed to make it work for left or right-handed people.  The knife fits very deeply into the sheath and since it lacks a belt loop, I find it hard to get out with only one hand.  …

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Digging Bars Should be Included in Your Preps

digging bar

Here are mine, a four and a six foot.

This morning I got up early and planted a couple of fruit trees before it got to hot.  Now the area in which we live is in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the soil can be very rocky in places.  One of the holes went pretty easy; the soil was good and still contained enough moisture to make digging easy.  But the other one was hard and I needed a digging bar.

Now I spent a fair amount of time helping others with prepping and digging bars are something I don’t see too often. …

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More Good Information on Mothballing and Maintaining Small Engines.

small engines

Briggs and Stratton engine

This morning I found a comment on small engines from Tim V. one of our readers that I thought deserved to be put up as a post in order for it to get wider distribution.  There is some good information on mothballing and maintaining small engines.  I have added a link for clarity.


“The fuel draining method has worked well here. On older Briggs engines that do not have a float bowl, the engine is run till it starves of fuel, the remaining fuel is absorbed with paper towel stuck into the tank, then the engine is left outside with the gas cap off until the tank is bone dry.…

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