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Fuel Stabilizer for Small Motors.

fuel stabilizerSince we have been on the subject of mothballing and maintaining small engines. I decided that now was a good time to talk about fuel stabilizers.  Yesterday I started a mothballed motor that had been in storage for several years without any major problems.  However, I am sure that somewhere somebody is having a problem with their motor and old fuels.

If you use fuel stabilizers in your stored fuels on a routine basis, you will greatly reduce your changes of a problem.  What has happened to me in the past is that I buy some fuel with the intentions of using it right away. …

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Backpacking Stoves that are Good for Your Bug Out Bag

backpacking stoves

The SilverFire Scout

Spring and summer are just around the corner and many of us will do some camping.  This is a great time to try out some of the equipment that we have been accumulating. This last few summers I have been able to try a number of different backpacking stoves. 

I have had the chance to try out quite a few different types of backpacking stoves and have narrowed it down to the styles that I like.  Personally, I like ones that use available biomass for fuel.  I have avoided the ones that use various camp fuels and butane or propane. …

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BYU’s Storage Fuel Comparison Chart

Today I was on the Brigham Young University Website doing some research on the shelf life of various products and I came across the following chart.  It is a storage fuel comparison that shows the shelf life of different fuels, as well as the recommended method of storage.

storage fuel comparison

As you can see the above storage fuel comparison chart shows some of the hazards of storing the various fuels.  Almost any fuel has some level of hazard.  Made sure you store your fuels in the safest manner possible. Here are some links that may help you. Propane Storage for Preppers and Its Advantages  The Safe Storage of Gasoline  Bulk Storage of Gasoline and Diesel.  

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How to tell if your propane tank is full

propane tank

The Tare Weight (TW) is shown on the guard at the top of the tank. This tank shows a weight of 17.5 lbs

I have a number of five-gallon propane tanks and it seems like I can never keep straight which ones are full and which are empty.  Now you can tell a completely full one from a completely empty propane tank just by feeling the weight.  It is the partly empty ones that you really want to know how much they contain.  So how do you tell exactly how much propane they contain?

If you look at the ring that protects the valve from damage, you will find two weights, an empty and a full one. …

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Cutting Firewood Without Power Tools

cutting firewood

A single bitted axe

The grid is down and you are out of fuel for your chainsaw and it is time for cutting firewood.  Hopefully you have stocked a few simple hand tools that will make your life a lot easier.

Anyway you look at it cutting firewood without power is hard backbreaking work.  But if you haven’t stocked the right tools, it will be even harder and more time consuming.

First, you need a good axe or two.  I recommend  both a single bitted and double bitted axes.  Preferably, have a couple of each type.  Along with these axes, you need the files and stones to keep them sharp. …

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Why You Need to have a Shammy in Your Preps and Car Kits

shammyChamois leather commonly known as a “Shammy” is a type of porous leather that has almost no abrasive properties, and can be used as a absorbent drying material for almost any surface.

Now I am talking about a real shammy made of chamois leather not one of the new synthetic imitation.  The shammy has several uses, it can be used to collect water or collect dew in a survival situation.  Just wipe the wet areas and squeeze the water out into a container.  It also can make a good towel, because of the amount of liquid it will absorb.  But probably the best use of a shammy is to filter fuels.…

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How to Turn Off Large Propane Tanks

propane tanks
Here you can see the dome that covers the shutoff valve on a propane tank.

In case of a disaster, you should understand the dangers posed by your propane tanks and how to turn them off.  Now this article is written primarily about the large tanks, 250 gallons and above.  These tanks are normally placed in a stationary location with permanent piping to your gas appliances.

In case of the loss of electricity, these propane tanks should not be affected, although depending on the type of appliances you own, they may not work without power.  In case of an earthquake, mudslide or similar disaster, the tank or piping may be damaged. …

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Fourteen Uses for a 55-Gallon Barrel

55-gallon barrel

A grill

I like things that can be used for multiply purposes and a 55-gallon barrel is a good example.  Both plastic and metal ones have their uses, some of which overlap.  Now these are by no means all the possible uses, I am sure everyone of you can think up at least one more.

  • Gasoline Storage,  55 gallon barrels make great storage containers for gasoline, but you do need to rotate the gas regularly  Bulk Storage of Gasoline and Diesel  The downside to them is the weight, they are hard to move in an emergency.
  • Water Storage I have used the plastic ones for water storage for many years with no problem.
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An Example of Using Old Gasoline

old gasolineSometimes the mistakes of others create situations from which we can all learn.  A friend of mine who is in the process of moving out of state had two fifty five gallon barrels of old gasoline that he had never got around to using.  One was purchased just before Y2K and the other around 10 years ago.  They have been sitting out in the weather exposed to the sun for the whole time.

So now that it is time to move he has to get rid of the gasoline.  However, gasoline is not the easiest thing to get rid of.  So he gave his son $200 to get rid of it. …

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Propane Storage for Preppers and Its Advantages.

propanePropane is a by-product of natural gas processing and petroleum refining; it is commonly used as a fuel for engines, barbecues, portable stoves, residential heating and can be used for lighting.  I consider propane the best fuel to store in bulk.  It is the safest, easiest to store and has a very long shelf life.  Propane will last as long as the container remains intact.

Propane is stored as a liquid when under pressure in the tanks.  Upon being released to the atmosphere, it vaporizes into a gas.  While it is the safest fuel to store, it still has a certain degree of danger. …

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