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Is Firewood a Part of Your Emergency Preparedness?

We all know that water is the Number One consideration when it comes to survival. Three days without the wet stuff, and you’re pushing up daisies. Besides water, have you ever thought of the availability of wood as a survival must-have? Have you stocked up on firewood for survival?
firewood for survival
Back when we lived in the Phoenix area, I realized one day how desperate that city of 1.6 million would be without any fuel sources during a longterm grid failure. There are virtually no trees in that city that provide the right kind of firewood, and those that do, would take months to dry out and season.…
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Camp Stoves and How to Pack Them

camp stoveA while back, a friend gave me a used camp stove that burns wood.  Right away, I saw the possibilities in it.  The first thing that I did was to have my son weld a collar on the hole into the firebox.  I then took and cleaned the stove and repainted it.

A quick trip to the hardware store got me a couple of sections of 4 inch flue piping.  I then measured the interior of the camp stove and cut the flue pipe so that it would fit in the stove lengthwise.  I took the top section of pipe and attached a length of plumbers tape around the top. …

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Cutting Firewood Without Power Tools

cutting firewood

A single bitted axe

The grid is down and you are out of fuel for your chainsaw and it is time for cutting firewood.  Hopefully you have stocked a few simple hand tools that will make your life a lot easier.

Anyway you look at it cutting firewood without power is hard backbreaking work.  But if you haven’t stocked the right tools, it will be even harder and more time consuming.

First, you need a good axe or two.  I recommend  both a single bitted and double bitted axes.  Preferably, have a couple of each type.  Along with these axes, you need the files and stones to keep them sharp. …

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Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors after TEOTWAWKI

smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

A combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector

First, let me explain a little about my background.  I have served in both the fire service and law enforcement and am retired from them.  During my working life I have seen people die from lack of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

During cold periods I have helped carry out the bodies of people who died as a result of improvised heating systems.  Some died from carbon monoxide poisoning and some from smoke inhalation or burns.  The majority of these people could have survived if they had had a smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.…

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The Homelite UT49103 Log Splitter

log splitter

Caption: Photo courtesy Homelite

Here is a post from a friend Joe Miller on the Homelite UT49103 Log Splitter


If you heat your home with wood, gathering fuel is a year-round occupation. We’ve heated our home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, this way for decades. At first we cut and split it by hand, then we used a log splitter and finally, as I got older, we simply bought pre-split wood from a local seller. Recently, after a storm brought down several old trees on our property, I decided to handle the wood duties again myself.

I dragged out the chainsaw, took the maul from its hiding place in the shed, and got ready to go to work.…

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Cardboard and wax stoves can provide heat for cooking and comfort

cardboard and wax stove

Lately I have been writing quite a bit about improvised heaters.  After a bit of experimenting, the first thing I want to stress is that these heat sources are not going to replace your forced air furnace or even a good wood stove.  They are something temporary to keep you alive until you can find a better solution.  This morning I have been experiment with cardboard and wax stoves.

Now they are easy to make, but like anything else do it now before you need it.  Simple as this stove sounds, there is a bit of a learning curve.  The whole idea is that you take a tin can and fill it with rolled up cardboard and then fill with wax. …

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Improvised Heaters can Keep You Alive in Cold Weather


improvised heater

The improvised heater working

Depending on the climate, that you live in, heating your home in an emergency may be a matter of life or death.  Where I live it would be cold, but with dressing warmly, I could survive in my home without any additional heating.  Now I am not saying it would be comfortable but I could get by well with this improvised heater.

Now I know that many of you who live in ultra cold climates have multiple means of backup heat, wood stove, coal, propane and etcetera.  But what about these you who live in climates where a bit of heat would be nice but is not necessary or if you have to bug out and leave your preps.…

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What happens When Your Propane System Fails and How do You Prevent It?


Two propane tanks side by side, leave one shut off and a leak in your system won't empty both

My old friend Freezedryguy, the well-known food supplier who deals in Mountain house and other products called me this morning.  He is visiting friends at an undisclosed location in one of our cold states.  The people that he is visiting are preppers and are in pretty good shape.  But this morning they ran out of propane.  It appears that their system has developed a leak.

Now because there are well prepared, this was a mere inconvenience, they fired up the old Earth stove and soon had heat. …

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Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can be a Major Cause of Death After TEOTWAWKI

carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon Monoxide will become a danger to many people if we are forced to heat and cook with alternate methods.  It is a gas that is not well understood by the majority of the population.  In the past, I have helped investigate and carry out the bodies of several people who have died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas, but because it is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and it is very difficult for most people to detect.  Exposures at 100 parts per million (ppm) or greater can be hazardous. Carbon monoxide is not toxic in the usual sense. …

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