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16 Things You Need to Know When Caught in a Panicky Crowd or Riot

panic crowd riot What happens if you are stuck in a large riotous crowd?  Now, this can be the result of an evacuation or bug out situation, a protest, food riot or any other mob-ruled violence.

Now, back in the early 70s, I was working undercover and got caught in a couple of the anti-war riots that occurred during this period. Once, I even ended up on the wrong side of a police line, not the right place to be.

Last night I was watching a movie and they showed the people traveling in a large, panicky crowd. Our heroes made several dumb moves.…

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How to Protect Yourself When You’re Not Allowed to Have a Weapon

Protect Yourself Not Allowed WeaponWhen I see and hear about terrorist attacks, in particular, in countries where people are not allowed to have any weapons, it makes me angry. Protecting yourself, protecting your family and your home — isn’t that a God-given right? If a government takes away your right to protect your own body, then what other rights, really, do you have? How do you protect yourself when the law denies you the right to have a weapon of any kind?

We have friends in Europe and I’ve wondered how they might possibly defend themselves in a terrorist attack. One fellow in England worries about sharps — knives, machetes, even swords, as attack weapons.…

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Protecting Children During TEOTWAWKI or Other Emergencies

protecting childrenIf you are a parent or grandparent you always worry about protecting children from harm during any life threatening emergencies. Now when I mention harm I am including psychological damage that can be caused by us creating an atmosphere of fear.  We don’t want to stress our children out.

After giving this some thought and research I have came up with the following steps for protecting children

1 – Don’t scare them.  Don’t start with camo face paint, smoke bombs and talk about killing people or violence.

2 – Make them feel safe.  Here is the story of one young child who was raised in hurricane country and was faced with the threat of storms on several occasions. …

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Cleaning Up your Home and Food Storage After a Flood

With all the floods occurring on the East Coast and the prospect of more to come this winter, I thought it might be a good time to post information about cleaning up after a flood.  Now of cause how much of this applies to you depends on how severe the flood affected your home.

Once the floodwaters have receded and the property can be accessed safely, you should begin cleanup.  The most important steps are to restore the environment to a dry state and salvage any valuable property.  The longer that water/waste are allowed to remain in your home or on your property, the greater the potential for illness and irreparable damage to your home and its contents.  …

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14 Simple Rules for Knife Safety

I believe that a knife is the single most important tool we can have in a survival situation.  A knife is your friend, but like many things, if you use it incorrectly it can hurt you.  Over the years, I have seen people do stupid things with their knives and end up hurt.  Knife safety is like firearms safety, you have to follow the rules at all times.

With a knife, the dangerous parts are the sharp edge and the pointed tip.  If you follow a few simple rules, you should never cause unnecessary injury to others or yourself

Follow these knife safety guidelines

  1. Always handle your knife with care, remember it is a weapon.
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Alternate Uses of MRE Components

MREWhile MRE’s are normally used for food, that are several components that do have other uses than their intended ones.

MRE toilet paper can be used to start a fire.

Tabasco Sauce – A friend, who spent several tours overseas in special operations, said that they would rub a bit of Tabasco sauce under their eyes to help them stay awake.  He said that the effect would last for 30 to 45 minutes.  Don’t get it in your eyes.

Coffee package – While pulling security they would chew on the poder to help them stay awake.

MRE heater had several uses.

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Storm Safety Whistles are the Loudest Whistles You will Ever Hear

A while back, my daughter sent me several survival items for my birthday; one of them was the Storm Safety Storm  safety whistlewhistle.  This is by far the loudest whistle that I have ever encountered.  My grandkids and wife scatter when they see me coming with it because it is so loud.  They say it hurts their ears.

After having played with it for a while, I have found the good and the bad.  The good it is the loudest whistle you will ever hear, it is probably twice as loud as a normal whistle.  The bad it is a about twice the size of a normal whistle and everybody runs when you get it out.…

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Plan to Get Home Alive

A reader C.E. Harris sent me this article about staying in touch while out hiking or camping.  These same principals will work under many different situations.


An essential safety step to any outdoor activity is letting a responsible person know where you are going, when you expect to return, and who to call, such as the sheriff to initiate a SAR (Search and Rescue) mission, if they don’t hear from you by a date and time certain.  This is the same as a private pilot filing a flight plan.

On short hikes and hunting trips in our local area we carry a cell phone and ham radio 2-meter band transceiver, (for which we are licensed).  …

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How to Select a Campsite

The other day I was talking with one of my grandchildren, who is going camping with his scout troop in a couple of days.  We got into a discussion of how to decide where to build your camp.  I soon realized that this is a subject I need to address in a bit of depth.

Here a few simple rules that will help you.

  • Stay out of low-lying green grassy areas, these will collect water if it rains and the ground may be damp.
  • Camp uphill from streams or rivers.  This will protect you from flash floods and sudden rises in water levels created by releases from dams.
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The Care and Maintenance of Ropes

Unlike what many people think ropes are not something that you just throw in the corner letting them get wet and dirty.  They require maintenance and care.

Ropes are not all the same.  Climbing ropes are dynamic – they are designed to stretch in case of a fall, absorbing and dissipating the energy generated by the fall.  Static ropes are used for rappelling, rescuing, caving, tying down and hauling, in situations where there is no chance of significant impact loading with minimal stretch.   Although static and dynamic ropes look the same, they are not interchangeable.  Do not use static ropes for climbing. …

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