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2 Prepping Principles to Remember

prepping principlesTumultuous times don’t exactly portend a prosperous future. When I was in college and then into the early years of my career, it seemed that my income would continue to increase. The value of our house would always go up, year after year, and by the time I hit 65, I’d have more than enough money to retire and live the good life.

I’ve wised up, though, and the world has become more and more chaotic. Right now my retirement funds are looking good, but that wasn’t the case just 7 or 8 years ago. It’s been a wild ride, financially, and I don’t feel particularly secure about the future.…

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36 Common Survival Items You Already Have in Your Home

common survival itemsIn talking with people about preparedness, I find that many people think that you have to spend a ton of money to get started.  They forget about the common household survival items they already have in their homes that can be useful, many actually necessary, for survival.

For instance, someone was complaining about how much it cost to get a good knife, until I pointed out that he already had several that he had not considered. It took a quick raid on his wife’s kitchen to find a knife that, while not the first choice, would serve his purposes.

Here is a list of other common household survival items that you probably already own

  • If you want snow camouflage, make it out of old white sheets.
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How to Get Children or Grandchildren to Carry Emergency Gear?

emergency gear

Sometimes it is amazing what they have in their car trunks.

The other morning one of my grandchildren came by and visited with us.  While she was here, we got to talking about what emergency gear she had in her car.  Now she has a good get home and bugout bag.  So I asked her what she had in her car right now.  She had extra clothes, tennis shoes, a blanket and water.  So I asked her where her bag was, she admitted that her emergency gear was sitting in her closet at home.  Being young and in good shape they have a tendency to think they can do anything.…

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How to Keep Your Bug Out Bag Up to Date

bug out bagToday is a very busy day for me because one of my grandsons is getting married, so I have posted a guest blog to remind you to keep your bug out bag up to date.


Your bug out bag is more than just something that sits in the back of your closet or the trunk of your car to give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling when you go to sleep at night or watch the horror that is the evening news. You know it will save your life one day and you’ve gone above and beyond to do your research, get the best gear, and make sure you’ve got all the necessities and then some.…

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The Solo Stove, A Great Choice for Your Bug Out Bag

Solos Stove

The Solo Stove with it’s cup and  windscreen

It is not often, I write a second post about a product, but in this case, I am making an exception.  I love the Solo Stove  it is small compact and very efficient.  For many years, I worked as an arson investigator and I understand the science of combustion.  This is a stove that is well designed and makes very efficient use of the available fuel.

It is very easy to gather up the small sticks and twigs you need to cook with the Solo Stove.  One of its big advantages is that it is not a fuel hog. …

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Foods for Bug Out or Get Home Bags


Lifeboat rations

Recently I wrote a post on my belief that most preppers would end up having to bug in. Now even though I believe that, I still have a bug out bag and a get home bag in my car. Always have as many options as possible. A question that always seems to come up on bags that are kept in the car is what type of food will withstand the changes in temperature.

Over the years, I have seen all types of suggestions, from just a plain sack of whole-wheat berries to freeze dried meals. Now where I live foods in the trunk of my vehicle will be exposed to 100 degree F plus temperatures in the summer to below freezing in the winter.…

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New Ideas on Get home and Bugout Bags

bugout bags

Here is one of our typical bugout bags

While my primary plan has always been to shelter near my home, I believe that you always need at least a plan B, if not C and D. Back in the sixties, I can remember working on my first bugout bags. It was a simple 72-hour kit. It consisted of the absolute basics. Since then my kits have went through many evolutions.

Today I have three levels of get home or bugout bags.

The first is always in my car, this is my get home bag. It is designed to do just what the name implies, give me the ability to get home in an emergency.…

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Choosing A Good Sleeping Bag for After TEOTWAWKI

sleeping bag

U.S. Army sleep system

These last few days I have being giving some thoughts to sleeping bags.  Now whether you bug in or bug out, a sleeping bag can be your best friend in winter.  If you are stuck in a cold home with little heat or have to bug out in the winter, you will want to sleep as warm and comfortable as possible.

Now there are a few things that you need to take into consideration when choosing a sleeping bag.  First, what type of winter weather are you dealing with?  In my area if I go 20 miles downhill to the west, the temperatures will be relatively moderate, rarely going below freezing, but with rain and lots of people. …

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Internal vs. External Backpack Frames.

backpack frames

External framed pack

Recently I listened to a discussion about which was best internal vs. external backpack frames.   They never could agree on an answer.  Since then I have been giving this some thought.   Now over the years I have accumulated a number of backpacks having both internal and external frames.  Having used both, I think that each one has pros and cons.  However a lot will depend on what you plan on using the backpack for.

The pros of external backpack frames are.  They position the weight high on your back, allowing good vertical load transfer to the hips and an upright walking posture.  …

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Protecting Your Vision and the Need for Glasses

glassesBeing an old man and having to wear glasses, I have become much more aware of the need to have a backup plan to let you keep having good vision after TEOTWAWKI.  My first suggestion would be to get an annual checkup with your Doctor.  This may let them catch problems early and your prescriptions will be up to date.

So far, I have been fairly lucky I can still pass the driver’s test without glasses, so I really just need them to read and for close work.  I have probably 10 – 20 pairs of reading glasses that I have bought at the dollar store. …

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