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More on Your Evacuation Plan or Bugging Out

After writing a post on evacuation plans the other day (Planning Your Evacuation or Bug out Route). I received the following comments from a friend.  These are some additional points that you should take into consideration when planning an evacuation.


Don’t be of these


Your Family Evacuation Plan Should Identify:

Start Point
Travel Mode

Your starting point is home, work or school. If family members are at different places during the day, how will they communicate?

Discuss what your “triggers” might be. Do your own threat analysis. Hazmat release, house fire, flood or imminent hurricane landfall are more likely than nuclear war or space alien invasion.…

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Planning Your Evacuation or Bug Out Route


Traffic jams, the first one to drive on the wrong side of the road may win.

Evacuating or bugging out is not at the top of my list of planned responses to a emergency.  I will stay in place until it becomes more dangerous to stay than to leave.  Now my plan like anyone else’s may change on the spur of the moment depending on the emergency.  So I always have a plan for bugging out.  Because I am getting old I am planning to use a vehicle if at all possible.

Many years ago I had a chance to review some of the old civil defense evacuation plans that were made during the cold war. …

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Civilian or Military Gear, What Attracts attention

military gear

Mall ninja, stay away from, he is a target for all most everyone

Lately I have been seeing quite a controversy on whether or not to wear or use military gear if you have to evacuate or bug out from your home.  The argument runs along these lines.

1 Military gear will make people think you are carrying something of value, or they will be scared of you.  They feel that this will make you a target.

2 The other side is that most people will avoid someone who looks like they can take care of themselves.

This is something that I have been giving a lot of thought too. …

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Sillcock Keys, The key to Finding Water In the Cities

sillcock key

A four way Sillcock key, your best choice.

If you live in the city or an urban area, you will notice that many of the water faucets cannot be turn on without a special key.  This is called a Sillcock key and can be purchased at any hardware store or on Amazon for around 3 dollars. Sillcock keys can also be utilized to access water in many state or federal parks and in many highway rest areas.

Once you know what to look for you will see these outlets in the walls of many buildings.  Now you may think that if the water is turned off these would be useless.  …

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An Inexpensive Sleep System for your Bug Out bag

inexpensive sleep system

Bivy Sack

Many of us because of age or other problems are limited in the size bug out bag that we can carry.  One problem that I have encountered is having adequate shelter, while keeping the weight down.  I recently found a solution that seems to work for me and gives me a fairly lightweight inexpensive sleep system.

Let’s begin by explaining what I would use a bug out bag for.  Primarily it would be to get me to a secondary location that is within a couple of days travel time.  At times, it may serve as a get home bag. …

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Backpacking Stoves that are Good for Your Bug Out Bag

backpacking stoves

The SilverFire Scout

Spring and summer are just around the corner and many of us will do some camping.  This is a great time to try out some of the equipment that we have been accumulating. This last few summers I have been able to try a number of different backpacking stoves. 

I have had the chance to try out quite a few different types of backpacking stoves and have narrowed it down to the styles that I like.  Personally, I like ones that use available biomass for fuel.  I have avoided the ones that use various camp fuels and butane or propane. …

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Duct Tape and it’s Many Uses

duct tapeI have written about duct tape before and why you need to store it, but we recently came up with a few more reasons, so here is another blog.  There are so many uses there is even a book written about it.

I have used it for a temporary fix on radiators hoses and to repair tennis shoes.  I came home one day and the door of the freezer was taped shut.  My wife explained that she had shoved so much food in the freeze the door would not stay shut so she taped it shut.  It can be used to repair clothes, backpacks almost anything. …

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A Good Little Grab and Go Bag, Dutch Army Surplus

Grab and go bagI have a tendency to accumulate preps that I like, for example flashlights, knifes and back packs.  Now I have too many of all three, but it seems like I am always getting more.  The ones I am not using go into storage or I give to my grandchildren to use. The other day I got a nice little grab and go bag that is genuine Dutch Army Surplus, that I intent to use for myself.

My friend FreezeDryGuy gave it to me.  He has a bunch of them and they are brand new.  They are perfect for get home bags, bug out bags smaller individuals and children or just a grab and go bag for your everyday carry.…

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The SilverFire Scout Biomass Stove is very Efficient

SilverFire Scout

The stove and the pan in the bag

I recently received a new stove to test, this is the SilverFire Scout.  Now before I say too much about the stove I want to explain a bit about my background.  I have served in the fire service and for the last 17 years of my career, I was with a state arson and bomb unit.  I have a background  in fire science and I understand how a stove of this type works.  In addition, I have tested many of the small stoves that are currently on the market, so I feel qualified to review this stove.…

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Bugout Bags, Another Look

bugout bag

This what you should avoid, items still in the wrapper that you have never used. Don’t buy the assembled bags that are sold by many different companies, build your own and you will know what is in it.

Bugout bags are a very personal item and what is good for one will not work for the next.  Each one of us needs to build a bag in which we are familiar with the contents and know how to use everything in it.  Some of us can get by with very little, others require more.

The following is a list of items that you may want to consider putting in your bugout bag. …

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