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Emergency Homeless Shelters and Other Hacks built by Paul Elkins

emergency homeless shelters

He used recycled fluted plastic signs, old plywood and a bicycle to build this shelter.

About 5 years ago, I wrote an article on homeless shelters developed by an inventor named Paul Elkins.  His emergency homeless shelters can be built for about $100.00 and will keep you warm and dry.  Now I had rather forgotten about him until I ran across information on a small camper he has built to tow behind his bike.  He has been traveling all over the country in it.

He spends his time building all kinds of inventions many of which could be useful to preppers. …

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Why Preppers Should Own Bikes and Know How to Maintain Them

The viet cong carried huge amounts of supplies on bikes

The viet cong carried huge amounts of supplies on bikes

I have had a bike sitting in a corner of my garage for some time, since I no longer ride.  It is something that I have been reluctant to get rid of because I always thought it could be useful in an emergency. Even if I couldn’t ride maybe, I could load gear on it and move it like the Viet Cong did.  It could also be traded or loaned to others.

Well a friend of mine recently needed a bike and I though he can use it.  So we got it out and tried it.…

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Some Helpful Tips for Older Preppers

older preppers

This old man was a prepper

By no stretch of the imagination am I a spring chicken, I am in my seventies and generally in good health.  Now I have been prepping for many years, close to fifty.  Years ago, I was much more physically fit and thought that bugging out on foot was the way to go.  Today I have had to temper a lot of my plans as I have gotten older and wiser.  I have become strong believer in the old saying that old age and treachery can overcome youth and skill.  Don’t underestimate older preppers.

Sure, we have different problems and many of us are not as mobile as we once were. …

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Vehicle lights and Avoiding Surveillance

vehicle lights

Turn off your dome lights and don’t forget the dash lights

During my years as an arson investigator, I had the chance to do a fair amount of surveillance and sneaking around. Most people were fairly easy to follow and did not pay attention to what went on around them. Now whether you are following someone or are trying to avoid being seen, there is one change we should all consider making to our vehicle lights in case of TEOTWAWKI.  That is retake control of the lights in our vehicle.

For example, dome lights that come on automatically every time you open the door. …

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Increase the Carrying Capacity of your Cars with a Cargo Hitch Carrier

cargo hitch carrier

Loaded and ready to go. Notice the license plate is on the box so that it is compliance with the law.

One of my sons owns a house in another state and spends part of his time there.  Since he takes his family, he often is carrying quite a bit of stuff with him on these trips.  While he has a pickup due to the size of his family, it is not always convenient to take it and he often takes his SUV.  He solved the problem of how to carry extra supplies by building his own cargo hitch carrier.

Now most cargo hitch carriers are simply a platform for you to tie items too.…

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Gasoline Usage and Bug Out Routes

gasoline usage

Dont be caught like this

Recently we went on a trip that included travels through Montana, Idaho, Washington and Oregon.  It was great trip and we enjoyed it greatly.  Everyday we posted the blog from whereever we were located.  These trips always give us time to talk and come up with new ideas to share with you such as keeping track of gasoline usage.

For some time we have been keeping track of how many gallons of gasoline it takes to reach different locations.  For instance, I know that with a full tank of gas in my vehicle I need an extra three five-gallon cans of gasoline to reach my daughters house. …

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Planning Your Evacuation or Bug Out Route


Traffic jams, the first one to drive on the wrong side of the road may win.

Evacuating or bugging out is not at the top of my list of planned responses to a emergency.  I will stay in place until it becomes more dangerous to stay than to leave.  Now my plan like anyone else’s may change on the spur of the moment depending on the emergency.  So I always have a plan for bugging out.  Because I am getting old I am planning to use a vehicle if at all possible.

Many years ago I had a chance to review some of the old civil defense evacuation plans that were made during the cold war. …

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The Problems of Bugging Out and Freeways

problems of bugging outThis morning I have been thinking about traffic jams and the problems of bugging out, because of an incident that happened yesterday.  There was another large wildfire about 15 miles from where I live.  It started alongside the freeway in several different locations over a two or three mile stretch.  At that time, I was traveling from my son business to my home and could see the smoke up the freeway.  So having family and friends living in that direction, I decided to drive up the freeway to see exactly where the fire was located.

At the time I did not have a radio scanner with me and had no good information other than, I could see a very large column of smoke. …

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A Gray Man Vehicle, Why you Need One

gray man vehicle

A nice truck, but people remember it.

The other day I saw a prepper driving what he calls his bug out vehicle.  It is a nice older four-wheel pickup.  But it is painted in camouflage and stands out like a sour thumb.  It has extra lights, antennas and gas cans and attracts attention everywhere he goes.  What he really needs is a gray man vehicle.  The vehicle he is driving is a target.

A gray man vehicle does not stand out and draw attention.  It may be an older four-wheel drive pickup or SUV that is in good mechanical condition and is painted an ordinary color. …

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Tire Repair for preppers

tire repair

This is a tire repair kit for plugging holes without dismounting the tire.

When there is no electricity and one of your truck tires has a puncher and is flat, what do you do?  Years ago, when the tires contained inner tubes and everybody had a old hand operated tire pump in their garage it was not as much of a problem.  So how do you handle a tire repair after TEOTWAWKI.

Hopefully the tire has a small hole that you can locate without dismounting the tire from the rim and you have a tire repair kit for plugging holes.  If you do, it is not hard to repair the tire. …

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