A Successful Garage Sale


Extended cold weather parka

My wife saw a sign being post for a garage sale early this morning.  She called me and I ran right over there.  We ended up making some very good finds.  We purchased a Ronco Dehydrator, new in the box, 8 boxes of canning lids, a new field jacket liner, two extended cold weather parkas brand new, one each in woodland and desert camouflage plus some stuff my wife wanted.  We paid $30.00 for all of it.

The dehydrator we don’t need, but some of our friends need one, so we will pass it along.  The canning lids we will use, we always need more.  The cold weather parkas we will keep.  I looked them up on Brigade Quartermaster and they wanted $275.00 each for them.

Now I know I sound like I am bragging, and maybe I am a little bit, but I want you to check the garage sales in your area.  There are too many good buys on preps, we find some little thing almost every week.  Let us know what you find.


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  1. Matt in Oklahoma says:

    love garage sales for this. It’s how I increased my propane tanks without a huge cost. I bought them for under $5 a piece then exchanged them. If you buy new tanks they are around$50

  2. Sandy Taylor says:

    Hey Matt, me too! Then I discovered that the ones I got in exchange aren’t really full.. I started getting mine refilled at a local company that actually fills them as Mich as is safe. Everyone else probably knows that already, but I didn’t!

    I actually wrote a whole thing once about garage sales for prepping supplies.. one of my favorite weekened activities! In one day, I can find some awesome deals like Howard does. Here is one day’s fun loot: http://www.wildriverrogues.com/2010/12/garage-sales-prepping/

    ~ Sandy Taylor

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