Emergency Shoe or Boot Repair

Now I know almost nothing about shoe or boot repair, it is a skill I should learn more about. However I do know a couple of things that might help you in an emergency.

If you damage your shoes while hiking or camping you may be able to make a temporary fix.  Look for pine trees of other evergreens that are oozing sap. Scrape some of the sap off with a flat piece of wood or bark and apply it thickly to where your shoe or boot is damaged.  If you are wearing tennis shoes this will act as a temporary glue.  If you have leather boots, you can then glue strips of a soft bark, like cedar, to your soles.  This will provide some protection while you out in the woods.

In your storage, you want to have a few tubes of Shoe Goo.  It can be used as a pliable adhesive for separated shoe components or as a filler on worn shoe soles, and as a sealer to repair waterproof fabrics and footwear.  Shoe Goo  has been repackaged for other uses,  under the  brand names “Sportsman’s Goop”, for sales as a waterproof seam-sealer, and “Shoemaker in a Tube”.  Shoe Goo is particularly useful for repairing tennis shoes.

A few other items you may want to store for shoe repair include an awl, leather patches, shoe glue, shoe nails, heavy gage thread, and associated shoe repair tools. Don’t forget to have extra shoes and boots, especially if you have growing children.

If anyone knows of a good book or other source of information on this subject I would be very interested.


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  1. I do like how your article basically suggested having a few tubes of glue always at the ready when going out as it can be really useful in terms of emergencies. That is something I will be sure to do as it could have potentially saved me a few more miles of walk before I had to quit on my shoe and just go barefoot. I’ll be having my shoes repaired as soon as I find a good shoe repair nearby and a few tubes of glue in case of emergencies again. Thanks!

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