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Garage sales are a subject I have discussed before, but it is one that is dear to my heart.  I have found bargains on so many items.  Most Saturday’s I drive a set route thought the better neighborhoods.  It is my experience that the upper middle class home have the best sales.

I have found solar panels, dehydrated food, generators, tools of all types including yard and gardening supplies.  Just the other day I paid one dollar for an almost new made in the USA shovel.  Boots and cold weather clothing show up regularly.  They are often from the better suppliers and in good condition to new.   Children’s clothes are very available.  My daughters children always go to school dressed in the name brands.  She finds their clothes in garage sales or thrift shops.

Fishing and hunting supplies show up often.  At the end of summer watch for camping gear.  Five dollars for a good tent or sleeping bag is not unusual.  People try it out once or twice don’t like it and sell it cheap.  I find shoe boxes boxes of candles for a dollar or two.

We live in a society that is so used to waste that most people are used to just throwing away good serviceable items.  If you keep your eyes open, it is amazing what you can find. I know that we have mentioned it before, but look for clothes and items that you can put in storage. Especially coats and winter gear, boots and even such things as wool shirts. There are a lot of Estate sales going on and they have old  wool blankets and non electric appliances.  Let us know what you have found.


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  1. Just last weekend I went to an estate sale and got four top grade down pillows! At other sales I have gotten down or wool blankets.

    I don’t bother with garage sales, I only go to estate sales. There, they want to get rid of everything. I got a big compost sieve for $2. I’ve gotten canning jars, clothes drying racks.

    At Goodwill, I have gotten like-new cotton flannel thick shirts for my husband, wool Irish-knit sweaters for me, Wool sweaters for him and heavy duty sweatshirts and fleece jackets for both of us.

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