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First of all, let me thank you for the comments and suggestions you have sent in. I learn so much from them. Hopefully I can answer some of your questions and comments. Please continue to write and make suggestions.

The link for the sewing machine equipment was very useful; Some of my stuff is  old and in need of an upgrade. I don’t get on-line alot, unlike my husband, I don’t like the computer to much, so I only use it for this blog and email.

An assortment of material is very important. If you go to flea markets, garage sales, church rummage sales and thrift stores you can pick up some great stuff. Always look for heavy duty canvas, wool and even oilcloth.  My grand mother used oilcloth for a table cloth that smelled for a few days, but with ranch hands it lasted a long time. It could be used for a poncho or rain cover, later.  Sheets, blankets are very good for making clothes, but you need some regular material also. Quilts are good for jackets and coats. The buttons and zippers from old clothes can be used for new ones. Any left over material you can use for rags or rag rugs.canvas

If you can find water proof materials anywhere, grab it. I’m in the process of putting together a wardrobe box (the cardboard kind you use for moving) filled with material and sewing items. I have enough now to fill one box, but want to get another one together for just canvas, wool, oilcloth, and anything else I find that may be useful.

Try and keep some dye (not just for hair) for dyeing material especially the white sheets. (You don’t want to be a target) and even old faded clothes, that are still use-full but the color needs some help. My last dye job was curtains. Waterproofing clothes is important , they have sprays and oils for different types of material. Spray Silicone for regular clothes and mink oil for leather boots and coats. We have several cans of spray in the garage. You can also look on-line for a home made version.

There is no way you will have everything you need, but in each box put patterns for you and the family. You will need different size patterns for your family, put instructions in each box and even label the material if possible. You may be around, but in case you are hurt or not in the area, your family will have a clue about what is in the box and what to do with it.

Every month I pray we have everything, but seem to end up with more things. I hope you understand that storing for emergencies is a never ending job. Keep your food rotated and your other items in good condition.

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