How the Progressive Left Uses Fear to Control Us

Over the last 50 years, I have watched one crisis after another occur.  Each and every one of these has created fear and new regulations and laws that have affected us in some manner.  They have all resulted in a loss of rights

A list of the crisis’s that have created fear.

  • The gas and oil crisis of 1979 – I can remember when they were telling us we would run out of oil by the year 2000. We even had gas rationing, you could only buy gas on odd or even number days  depending on the number of your license plate
  • Acid rain – this was a big scare in the late 1970’s early 1980’s. This resulted in a whole group of new regulation and laws.
  • Pesticide poisoning – This was big starting about 1962. I can remember when the press was telling us we would all be dead from toxic chemicals.
  • Global cooling –  This was a prediction of imminent cooling of the Earth’s surface and atmosphere resulting in the formation of glaciers.  This was supposed to be manmade from pollutants in the atmosphere blocking the heat from the sun.
  • The war on drugs – This has been a huge one, so many new laws have been passed and we as a society have given up many freedoms as a result. I personally don’t think that this is a war that they ever intended to win.
  • Global warming – This is another one that creates fear and as a result we submit to new laws and regulations that control our life’s.
  • Over population – according to experts in the 1970, we should have all starved to death by now.
  • Terrorism – this is the new big one. Again, the solution is to ask us to give up right in return for protection.  They want us to give up our rights to privacy, 4th Amendment rights to search and seizure and of cause our second Amendment rights.

Every one of these scares has been started and perpetuated by the left with the help of the mainstream media.  As a result of these scares the majority of the population is willing to trade freedom for security.

Many of the younger people have never heard of the scares that have created fears in the past.  In addition to the ones that I have listed above there have been many smaller ones.  We need to show people how they have been manipulated by the progressive left and the media.

You can see how they use fear in the way they are handling the news from the shooting in Orlando.  This was a terrible despicable act, but it is not a reason to give up our second amendment rights.  Saying that firearms should be banned because of this act is no different than saying all cars should be banned to prevent drunk driving.

Don’t give in to fear.



6 thoughts on “How the Progressive Left Uses Fear to Control Us”

  1. I am going to disagree on a number of your points.

    The oil crisis, both in 1973 and 1979 was NOT about the “end of oil”, it was due to the shock of first- the Arab oil embargo, and secondly the Iran/Iraq war which caused economic shock due to falling global production.

    Acid rain is not about fear, it is fact, and is still a threat to the environment. This threat has not changed or gone away- there are just more regulations which have limited it’s effects in the West. The acidification of the oceans which is causing global destruction of coral reefs is caused by the same principles of pollution- and is not even debated in the scientific community.

    Pesticides do in fact cause horrendous pollution. In much of Europe and in various municipalities throughout North America, specific pesticides have been banned. Many of them relate to humans, but even more so they have a real effect on plant and insect populations such as the neo-nicotinoids that are contributing to honey bee collapse. Also look at the massive swing in aggressive allergies in the population which directly correlate to industrial pesticide use.

    The war on drugs- I agree that it is entirely wasteful and makes no sense whatsoever. Where we disagree is about this being a creation of the “left”. The war on drugs is a direct creation of the political “right”. Though the right and left are a swinging pendulum, Reagan era politics amped up spending and enforcement- and he was certainly not considered part of the political “left”.

    Global climate change is 100% percent happening. There is no debate that temperature averages have changed dramatically in the last century. The only debate is about the cause. While most scientists believe that the data fully supports human actions as a direct contributor, even those who disagree cannot disagree that it is happening. Also, the regulations have a direct effect on all other forms of pollution and energy management.

    Over population is an issue in much of the world. Malnutrition and famine are widespread. Only the falling birth rates, and wealth which allows importation of industrially farmed food from throughout the globe, have prevented food shortages here. Post WWII, “large” families were common, and the falling death rate of infants and children was strongly related to antibiotics, vaccines, and overall wealth which allowed access to food. The push for everyone to have full time professional careers, and urbanization did not allow for such large families here.

    I 100% agree that our rights SHOULD NOT be given up because of terrorism. However your statements seem to reflect that it is not a real threat. It absolutely is- from economic, to cyber attacks, to direct physical attacks- the comfort and wealth of the West, as well as our position of power throughout much of the world has put us squarely in the sights of those who desire power- or seek to force others to convert for religious or political reasons.

    We 100% agree on the wrongs of gun control, and I also use the vehicle death rate in discussions regularly.

    “Don’t give in to fear” is the right way to live, but there are things we must recognize as threats to our way of life and our future- and adaptation while retaining our core values is the only way to survive.

    1. To some degree you have missed the point that I was trying to make. It is not whether or these were real issues, but that the government used them to create. By creating fear they were able to get thorough laws and regulations that were unnecessary, and are merely in place to control us.

  2. With the breakup of the Soviet Union and end of the Cold War, the military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned us about, needed a new “Boogie Man” to put fear into the people and to “milk the cow” for black budget dollars which would remain beyond scrutiny of Congress.

    The war on terror was largely of our own creation, having trained and supplied the Taliban to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. When you aid the scorpion across the river, you should expect to get stung, because he can’t help himself. It is in his nature…

  3. Throughout history the powers that be and their political lackeys have always used fear to control the masses. Always. The gods of war or of nature or God (by many names) himself all worked. The “enemy is at the gate” is another favorite. It’s worked well for a couple of thousand years and is still working well. It changes form as circumstances dictate. It can be another country posing a threat or a religious or political ideology, and more recently it has morphed into climate, economic, and health fears.
    All of these work to strip citizens of freedom and assets, often voluntarily. It’s our patriotic duty to sacrifice for the good of our nation. Of course we must give up our rights in a time of crisis. It’s only temporary, they assure us. When crises overlap or immediately follow one another, the rights we “temporarily” ceded are never restored. The income tax, a temporary measure, has been in effect over a century.
    Our public education is designed, not to encourage independent thought, but to create obedient workers. This indoctrination has crept into every aspect of our society and every level of education. The progressive left is the result of people wanting to fit in to academic circles, most of which ostracize conservative thinkers. Since most people want to fit in, if their mentors or contemporaries espouse certain values, they will too, regardless of their personal feelings.
    The media is an arm of the controllers. While many of the reporters are sincerely left-leaning, albeit misguided, for the reasons above, the editors, publishers or producers are not. They are motivated by their advertisers and held in check by their legal advisers and political pressure. Any media outlet large enough to influence public opinion on a national level reached that level by following government edicts. Those allowed to present opposing viewpoints to maintain an illusion of independent reporting are forced to sabotage their own narrative when it gains too much traction. How many respected journalists and reporters have been victimized by scandal or had public meltdowns following their touching on forbidden topics? Their careers are destroyed and a message has been sent, loud and clear, to the rest.
    The powers that be have a very large bag of tricks. It’s up to each of us to think logically, research, verify, and never accept anything without questioning. Always ask who benefits. And, of course, don’t let fear cloud your judgement.

    1. There was a news story last year of an infant less than 6 months old was denied getting on a plane. The child’s name was on a terror watch list so the infant was not allowed to fly. TSA must have figured the child’s diaper was a bio weapon.

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