Wars and Rumors of Wars

warsEveryday when I listen to the news it reminds me of the cold war.  There are wars and rumors of wars.  Today I was reading about people who are predicting World War Three by the end of the summer.  I was born in the early forties and I can remember hearing predictions of wars, from as soon as I was old enough to listen to the news, right up until the cold war ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Now here we are again, more predictions, now I am not saying it can’t happen.  Eventually it probably will.  I am just saying don’t get excited about all the predictions and rumors.  Just get your preps in and keep getting prepared.  Time lets you improve your position and increase the chances of you an your family surviving.

I believe a good number of these rumors are started on purpose by people in power to keep us scared so that we will let them get away with stealing our constitutional rights.  Now I am not saying to hide your head in the sand.  But pay attention to what the politicians are doing. Don’t let them scare you into voting your rights away.  Hold their feet to the fire and make them follow the constitution.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”  I believe in a strong military capable of defending this country and having intelligence agencies that are capable of monitoring our foreign enemies.  But I believe that all government agencies should have to comply with the fourth amendment and get search warrants prior to invading our privacy.

These rumors and scares have worked well for the elements that want to take our rights away.  Just look at how much has changed in the last 50 years.  We no longer have the freedom we had then and every year it gets worse.

I guess the bottom line I am trying to get across is to vote right, prepare and plan, but at the same time don’t forget to live your life.  Take time to enjoy your life


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  1. Security Guy says:

    The Bush family bought a huge compound in Paraguay. Reality in New Zealand has been selling like hot cakes to the uber rich. And here in the USA panic rooms and underground shelters are being bought or built by the ones in the elitists that can’t or won’t become ex-patriots. Those aren’t good signs. Oh yeah, add to this that the federal government has had a HUGE upgrade and expansion program of their old cold war bunkers (last count I heard was there are between 200 and 400, with 200 exact locations known by the people that track that stuff). The “tombs” down in Missouri in the Ozark Mountains have a steady flow of dump trucks in and out 24 hours a day (was told that by a trucker who hauled in multiple truckloads of food into them and saw it).

    All these are multipurpose. The infernal powers that be know something is going to happen but keep telling us that to prepare is crazy and a waste of money. Who knows for sure what will happen but something is coming. All out war is just 1 scenario of MANY that could occur.

    Have faith in God but keep a deep larder.

  2. PAUL says:


  3. gonewiththewind says:

    I do not know if Bush bought land in Paraguay or not. So I googled it and sure enough I found a dozen or so sites that reported that. Sites like daily kos and other “strange” and left wing sites (but I’m being redundant). Seems odd that even CNN who has no love for the Bush’s didn’t report this “news”. Wait! Maybe the internet is wrong. Gasp!! Or maybe there is some truth to it but no where near as interesting as the Bush’s hiding in the jungle.

    But I’m open minded and guess what I’m actually headed for Missouri tomorrow. So tell me where the “tombs” are and I will take pictures of those nefarious government trucks to prove you are right. But if you never hear from me again I was probably captured and put into a FEMA camp or worse working as slave labor at the Bush’s compound in SA.

  4. Ed Harris says:

    Disinformation is an untrue communication purposefully represented as truth to elicit a response that serves the perpetrator’s purpose. Often confused with misinformation, they o are readily distinguished by intention. The purpose of disinformation is to deceive. While misinformation is false, it is presented as truth only because the communicator does not have the facts.

    The anonymity of and ease of creating websites make it easy to post disinformation online. Sites developed for the explicit purposes of disinformation share common characteristics, usually having no clearly stated purpose or very little content related to its stated purpose. Its content is usually related to a particular agenda, likely to be very contentious and contains blatantly false information that in most cases is easily disproved. The most common characteristic of disinformation websites is an absence of contact information or any “About us” page. Online disinformation is very widely spread through blog and forum posts and comments and social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook.

  5. Security Guy says:

    The Bush Compound in Paraguay, realty in New Zealand, and panic room/bunker construction I got from listening to Joel Skousen, James Wesley Rawles, and others.

    The “Tombs” is the name for the tunnels under Missouri, it is the name given it by the truck drivers that have been hauling things in since the cold war. The largest ones are located near Carthage. The ones around Kansas City are in old limestone mines and have been referred to as “The Caves” by truckers. There is a set near Independence off I-435, here is a video one trucker took of the interior while doing a drop :
    There are also tunnels near Springfield and St. Joseph. All these complexes have existed since the cold war and are some of the storage sites for the National Archives along with massive warehouses of food, medical supplies, emergency supplies, and barracks. They stretch for miles underground. There is more than 1 entrance and exit for each complex. Guards are posted at the tunnel entrances and right inside the docks so no one can see what is past the dock areas. They are getting expanded all the time, the expansion started after 9/11 and has not stopped I have been told by drivers that still haul stuff in. There are also complexes located in old salt mines near Lyons and Hutchinson, KS which are suppose to be equipment storage because of the low humidity from the salt deposits. Also told that by truckers that still haul into those complexes.

    But I guess that is just conspiracy theory like the NSA exists, has been caught monitoring everyone’s internet activity, and has a new storage center near Bluffdale, Utah with “infinite” storage capacity because of how it was built to be modular for continuous expansion. Or that they employ trolls to steer internet conversations and discredit info they don’t want out.

  6. PAUL says:

    howard, thank you for your rational, level headed common sense entries; i do appreciate your informational entries. i do discount , as irrational those who cry panic, disaster and ” henny penny the sky is falling ” those juvenile comments , i guess, are to be expected from the uniformed . remember folks be cautious, be watchful & use your GOOD sense. thnx again for your blog.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I do agree that worrying about WWIII is not a very productive use of our time. I am going to let that be tomorrows problem.

    I am more concerned about today’s hidden skirmishes.

    I have to stop short of calling our modified food an act of war. Indeed! lets call it greed or ignorance, but it sure isnt what we called food 50 years ago.

    What red blooded American can question the “enhancement” of our water as a sign of aggression? It sure would be considered unpatriotic.

    There is no proof that the demise of our atmosphere has anything to do with a secret spraying program to save us. There are to many experts telling us that it is our cars and homes polluting the environment to question the science.
    I do miss those deep blue skies of my youth tho!

    Why even look at the rapidly changing disease rates when we have Dr Oz to keep us informed. Surely our friends at Fox will keep us free from disinformation.

    I do have to suggest that there is an epic battle on morality, but those are the concerns of powers and principalities. What can us mere mortals do about it anyway?

    as for me and my household we will continue to try to fight the good fight today

  8. d marie says:

    Im single female dnt hve a car wat tips can u gve me to survive in the times we hve to run for hills , and should i get a dog ? Wat should i pack as far as survival

  9. Ed Harris says:

    d marie,

    An “all hazards” approach to planning is best. If you plan for the most likely emergencies, such as storms, power outages and resource shortages, and build PACE planning (having primary, alternate, contingency and emergency options) into your preps, you will have the needed flexibility to deal with the higher consequence, but less likely events.

    Heading for the hills, without a specific destination in mind is not good. There are a great many useful older posts on this blog which have the basic information. Plan to shelter at home, but develop trustworthy relationships with family for friends if it is unsafe to stay home. Figure on a neighborhood refuge where you would be safe if you had to leave due to a house fire, then a farther away friend outside your local area, if you much relocate temporarily.

    If you don’t drive, consider a sturdy bicycle with pack baskets, panniers or saddle bags to carry your gear. Carry basic essentials of water, shelter, first aid, food, flashlight, etc.

    The Red Cross has good info:

    As does the http://www.ready.gov/make-a-plan website.

    Hope this is helpful.

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