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raised-bedLearning about herbs and spices and their use, I am really surprised at how fast they lose their flavor after you pick them.  The one thing that our storage is short of is hard to store spices.  We have quite a variety but it is hard to keep them fresh.  I can’t go into all the types you will need, because people have different taste, but try planting an herb garden that will flourish in your area.

We all know that salt is very important; the maintenance of a proper salt balance is vital to the system.  (I have high blood pressure so don’t use a lot of salt)  With all the packaged foods we have to make life easier for the working mom, sodium is over used so you rarely need to add it.  I have seen people add more salt, without tasting their food first.  Salt tends to bloat you and of course add weight so watch the sodium in the box foods.

My back yard has been a mess for years and since our remodel, we have changed it around so that it’s people friendly now.  My husband has plans to do some raised box gardening and I am doing an herb garden; both winter and summer.  I am testing what will grow well in our area and taste good.  Because of my different nationalities, I like using different types of spices.  I would also like to start mixing some and see how well they store.

I am going to plant rosemary, lavender, juniper berries, and mints.  I will work my way around to other areas of the yard and have small spots for different things.  It’s easier for me to maintain.  The raised boxes will be good for lettuce, broccoli, cabbage and other winter vegetables.  Plus in summer, we will plant radishes, bell peppers, tomatoes, onions (both green and red) in them.  I am looking forward to reporting on all these products and how they do.  You can also plant a variety of thymes.  Pesto is good so basil is necessary in summer.

A lot of the recipes call for ½ tsp or ¼ tsp of seasonings but we all have different tastes and end up using more or less.  I experiment a lot with mixing different spices.  Sometimes I have some real flaps and boy does my husband let me know.  Anyways I am going to try to keep up with reporting my trial and errors.  Happy planting.

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  1. Robert says:

    That sounds wonderful and I look forward to doing this myself. My only caution would be about the mint. Mint is great, but it can grow and spread fast. Where I grew up on a small farm in Pennsylvania mint grew wild down in the valleys. Some patches were half an acre. Because of that I would be tempted to put my mint in its own pot to contain it and prevent it from taking over an entire raised bed. On the other hand, however, you’ll be out in that bed often and would be able to manage it, so perhaps this is not a concern.


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