Camp Stoves and How to Pack Them

camp stoveA while back, a friend gave me a used camp stove that burns wood.  Right away, I saw the possibilities in it.  The first thing that I did was to have my son weld a collar on the hole into the firebox.  I then took and cleaned the stove and repainted it.

A quick trip to the hardware store got me a couple of sections of 4 inch flue piping.  I then measured the interior of the camp stove and cut the flue pipe so that it would fit in the stove lengthwise.  I took the top section of pipe and attached a length of plumbers tape around the top.  This is held on by some small eyebolts.  This allows me to attach cable to the chimney to steady it in a wind.

Considering where I live and the average temperatures I would most like be setting the camp stove up outside with a lean-to.  As you can see from the attached pictures the stove pipe and cabling fits inside the stove with room for additional supplies.  I also carry a roll of high temperature flue tape in case I end up setting the stove inside of a tent or building.  This tape will keep the chimney tight and keep smoke from escaping into the tent or building.

camp stove

Here you can see that quite a bit will fit inside the stove besides the flues.

In the picture, I am using wooden stakes instead of the metal ones I will normally keep stored inside of the firebox.  The reason is I have a new knife that I wanted to play with so I carved the wooden stakes.  My next step will be to pack a few fire starters and some matches in a sealed container and store them in the camp stove.  The camp stove should contain everything you need to start a fire.  I will probably even put a hatchet and a small pan or two inside it.

When I am finished, there should be everything, I need to use this camp stove for heat or cooking, except the food.


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