Cooking Rattlesnakes

Western Diamond Back Rattler

In the area in which I live there is a good source of meat that many people refuse to eat, but that I think is delicious.  I am talking about rattlesnake.  Now I know you always hear that it tastes like chicken, don’t believe it. It tastes like rattlesnake.  The closest like I can think of in taste is alligator.

They are easy to clean and cook.  After you kill the snake, be careful of the head.  The head still contains poison that is dangerous.  Dispose of it where children and animals can’t get at it.  Once the head is removed, the next step is to skin it.  An easy method is to hang it up by the tail so that the belly faces you.  Take a pair of kitchen scissors and insert one of the blades under the skin and slit up the belly.  Now just peel the skin off.  The intestines can now be easily removed.  Wash the snake and it is ready to cook.

The snake can be cooked in various ways, frying, grilling, baking or used in stews or chili.  Some recipes will require that you debone the snake.  One easy way to debone the snake is to simmer it in water with a little lemon juice added.  After it has simmered for about an hour the bones are easy to remove.  If you are short of fuel, this is a good place to use your Wonder Oven (The Wonderful Wonder Oven/box).

The larger snakes are better on the grill, the larger pieces stay together better.  The small ones are better used in stews or chili.  With a good barbeque sauce, grilled rattlesnake is a treat.  This same method can be used for any snake.


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