Cooking Wild Eggs Over an Open Fire and Other edible Eggs.

cooking wild eggs

Set your egg in the warm ashes near your fire

Yesterday’s post was on finding and eating wild bird’s eggs.  So today, I want to cover a method of cooking wild eggs over an open fire when you don’t have pots or pans.  You can cook them in the ashes.  But first, I want to point out that there are many other types of eggs that can be consumed.  These include turtle, alligator, snake, other reptiles and some fish eggs.

Remember many turtles, particularly sea turtles, and some other alligators and some other reptiles either are protected or have hunting seasons.  Some of the fines are quite high and you can get jail time.  So don’t do something dumb, find out the law before you gather eggs.  Be warned that mother alligators are very protective of their eggs and young.   Snake eggs are often leathery and hard to open, and are difficult to find as they are in logs, under rocks or buried.

Fish eggs or roe can be delicious when prepared right.  Caviar is a good example. The fish eggs most commonly eaten are Cod, Hake, Herring, Mullet, Salmon, Shaker, Shad, Steelhead, Striped Bass, and Sturgeon.  The Native Americans that lived near large bodies of water used fish eggs extensively. There are two types of fish eggs that you want to avoid the freshwater fish Gar and the salt-water fish Cabezon they are toxic.

Cooking wild eggs over an open fire without pots or pans

cooking wild eggs

First punch a small hole and then widen it to the size of a nickle

Cooking wild eggs with an open fire is fairly easy. Here is how to do it, I suggest you practice with a chicken egg.  Eggs have two ends, a small and a large.  With your knife, gently tap a small hole in the top of the large end.  Widen that hole to about the size of a nickel.  With your knife or a small stick, pierce the inner membrane and yoke. This will keep steam pressure from building and exploding the egg.

Place your egg open end up in some coals near the fire.  A large chicken egg takes about 10 minutes to cook this way.  About ½ ways through, rotate the egg 180 degrees so the cold side is now next to the fire.  In about 10 minutes your egg will be done.  The time it takes to cook different types of eggs will depend on their size.  A goose egg will take about twice as long as a chicken egg.  Smaller eggs will of course take less time.  Next time you go camping try cooking wild eggs and you will see that it works well.


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