Cooking with Your Food Storage

cookingCooking with your food storage for many people will be a new experience.  They purchase and stock many foods that they do not use on a regular basis.  The old adage store what you eat and eat what you store is not followed by many preppers.

Part of the reason is because of the cost of freeze-dried foods.  I have encountered a number of people who have purchased large amounts of freeze-dried or dehydrated foods.  Because these are expensive and have a long shelf live, they are reluctant to open a can or two and experiment with them.

Now for many who are homesteaders and live off what they produce this won’t be a problem.  But many preppers either live in the cities or store their food in a bug out location where they have limited access to it.  Think about what you would cook for dinner tonight if you no longer had access to your freezer, refrigerator or the stores.

I have asked some preppers this question and have received some blank looks or answers like, I would have to look in my recipe books.  If this is a hard question for you, you need to sit down and do some reevaluating.  You need to be cooking and experimenting with the foods that you are storing.

Also, give some serious thought to how your food balances out.  For example if your family plans to have pancakes for breakfast every day, you may have enough grain.  But do you have enough syrup.  Spices are another problem, when you are cooking your meals from scratch your use of spices will increase.  Also as spices age you have to add more to get the same effects.  One solution to this, is to learn to grow your own.  But do it now don’t plan on waiting until something happens.

Surviving and cooking with our food storage will be a big learning curve; don’t make the mistake of trying to do it in a short time.  While you can get by on lousy cooking it will be hard on moral.


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