Gosun Sport Solar Cooker a Review


The Gosun Sport in use

Today I am posting a review of the Gosun Sport Solar cooker; this is an cooker that I have been working with for the last couple of weeks.  It is a very different design and is about the fastest cooking solar oven I have encountered.  The cooking is done in a metal tray that slides inside of a borosilicate evacuated glass tube.  This tube is heated by the sun being reflected from two parabolic reflectors.  The whole thing folds up like a clamshell for easy storage.

Now over the years, I have used many different types of solar cookers and they all have their limitations.  Many of them are large heavy and bulky or slow to reach their cooking temperatures. That is where this one stands strong.  I was able to cook a meal of chicken, peppers and onions in under an hour and this was in the morning with only about 80-degree temperatures.  With most of the other solar cookers, this would have taken considerably longer.


The cooked food coming out.


The food going in

The food comes out great and I found this oven easy to work with.  So far, we have cooked various mixed vegetables like cauliflower, carrots, peppers and squash, as well as chicken.  Everything has cooked fast and been delicious.

Now does this oven have a downside?  Yes, a couple, one I wish it was bigger and would hold more.  The Sport holds just enough for two. They make a larger version (the Grill) that will cook during day or at night by means of heat retention.  The real downside to the Gosun Sport involves liquid and thermal shock.  The material the glass tube is made off is similar to Pyrex in that if you pour cold liquids on it when it is hot, it can break.  The manufacture at this time does not recommend heating liquids in the glass tube.  The manufacture stated that they are in the process of developing a container that will slide into the tube and solve this problem.  It should be available in the near future.

The Gosun in the vertical position

The Gosun in the vertical position

Now not always following rules, I have heated water in the tube.  What I did was to turn the Gosun to its vertical position and fill the cool tube with room temperature water thereby avoiding the thermal shock.  This worked well and I was able to heat the water.  But there is a second problem, once the tube is full of hot water you have to empty it.  To do this you have to tip the whole Gosun upside down.  This is easier than it sounds, but you still have to be careful, you are playing with boiling water.  I would not recommend heating liquids in the Gosun until they come out with their new container.


The finished food


The chicken was delicious






Now I know that the thing about the liquid sounds bad, but the other positive attributes of the Gosun Sport outweigh the problem of the liquid.  It cooks fast and easy, it minimizes odors and is fun to use.  Out of all the cookers, I have had the chance to use this has become my favorite.  Get one and try it you will like it, I know I do.



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4 Responses to Gosun Sport Solar Cooker a Review

  1. Joshua says:

    I have Gosun Sport and this cooker does everything that Howard says it does and more. I took mine to Burning Man and blew some minds by baking cakes and cooking soups. It was much faster that the other solars I saw there.

  2. Jeremy Powell says:

    How much and where?

    • admin says:

      There is a link to Gosun on the right side of my page, just below Freeze Dry Guy, click on it and you will go directly to their website.

  3. Marion Hornsby says:

    I Need to get One r Tow. In Jacksonville FL. – ( for the low income )

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