Invitation to Solar Cook Off


This invitation to a Solar Cook Off was forwarded to me.  Everyone is welcome either just to observe or participate.

If you hear of activities that you think others may enjoy or learn from, please foreward them and I will post them.



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3 Responses to Invitation to Solar Cook Off

  1. Whatifitistoday? says:

    Having a solar cookoff is a great way to meet like minded people and see a wide variety of home made and store bought cookers. While we live only a half day drive from Nevada City we are going to be on the opposite coast at that time. That’s too bad because I would have loved to attend. Thanks for posting notices like this.

  2. caryn says:

    wish that northeast mississippi was having a solar cook off…i plan to mention this to our extension office next week …our homemakers club might enjoy doing this for the community.

    tried to make comment on jens article about not forgetting the babies and children in preparing….jen, you need to stock at least one package of cloth diapers..if you need to use them they can be washed and reused. if baby never needs them in times of emergency or being potty trained the cloth diapers make excellent dish towels or dusting rags. and in times of emergency they don’t have to be burned or buried like the disposables. also, they are in fact money savers. baby food can be cooked and canned just like regular can even use those 1/2 pint canning jars. formula should be stocked but also, it is a good idea to stock canned evaporated milk and dried instant milk…either one is a good alternative to use with cereal, coffee, baby bottles, cooking etc… another thing to think of when stocking for baby and kids is pedylite or other beverage the drs. might reccommend for when baby or children are sick/dehydrated/fever etc.. and if you are stocking things for the first aid kit, bandaids, etc…be sure you also add some bandaid”staples…these are bandaid like tapes that can take the place of a stitch or staple in an emergency (like when the kid falls and splits the chin etc..)

  3. Jen says:

    Thanks Caryn,

    I guess I should get some cloth diapers. You have a good point about what to do with them after there used. I do make a lot of my own baby food, I like the idea of bottling it. I usually just freeze it in the ice cubes trays, but of course that wont help if the power is out for long. Luckily my little one is almost past that stage.
    I do have lots of powdered milk stored as well as some evaporated, they just dont contain the same nutritional value as formula. But you are right they would work if needed to fill up a little belly. I was going to post about first aid stuff in another post later. I do agree about the pedyalite and other drinks for dehydration and have a supply of that as well. I will be checking into those bandaid staples for sure. I didn’t know they made them. I have a very active, no fear 2 year old that I could see possibly needing those. I will add them when do the first aid for kids post. Thanks so much, Jen

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