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Reflective solar cookers

A reflective style solar cooker with three mason jars and a plastic cover.

A reflective style solar cooker with three mason jars and a plastic cover.

This is part two on the solar cookoff.  As I mentioned yesterday the reflective type solar ovens did not perform as well as the box style.  However this does not mean that we should discard them, they have their place.  First, they are easy to make and improvise.  Second on a bright hot summer day, they work well.

My friend who appears in the following videos uses them to cook with on a regular basis.  To make them more efficient, he cooks in mason jars that have been painted black.  Before he paints them, he put a strip of masking tape on one side.  After painting them, he removes the tape to create a window into which you can look into the jar.  When cooking with a mason jar do not tighten the lids, you want some of the steam to escape, to prevent a dangerous pressure buildup that can injury you.

He also sets a plastic container over the jars to hold the heat in.  From what I have seen one or two quart jars seem to be about the limit of what you can reliably cook in one.

The bottom line is that I think that a well-made solar oven is an essential piece of equipment and will be a labor saving device in an emergency.  Get one and start to practice with it now, there is a learning curve.



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