I love My New Reversible Griddle


I have used a griddle since I was 8 or so, helping my grandmother make tortillas, of course the griddle then was a disk of an old tractor, but it worked great.  After several years and with my grandmother getting older, she got an actual griddle.  She would leave it on the wood stove because it was so heavy.  Eventually it was my Moms and then it was mine. That griddle went thru a lot.  I still have it, but man, it’s still heavy.

My husband has seen me struggling with it when I use it and decided to surprise me with an American made Lodge reversible griddle.  It is lightweight and very easy to pull out of the cabinet and put it on the stove.  One side is flat for pancakes etc and the other ridged for meats.  Two of my grandchildren one 8 and the other 11 are able pull it out to make French toast and bacon.

I like using the griddle when making pancakes because you can make a bunch at a time and get the pancakes done sooner so they stay hot when you eat them.  I hate cold pancakes.  Using this griddle over the camp fire is great because you can cook breakfast and then turn it over and grill the meat for lunch or dinner.

This is the reverse side of my new one.

Using the griddle over a campfire is a little tricky.  Almost like cooking on the BBQ, you have to wait for the ash to turn gray and you then set the griddle on the fire ring rocks and test it with drops of water.  I sprinkle water on the grill and watch how fast it pops.  You can then determine if it hot enough to start cooking.

A griddle is very versatile, you can use them for cooking many types of foods you may use after TEOTWAWKI such as Johnnycakes, tortillas, or unleavened bread.  It is not something you would want to carry very far, but it can be very useful if you are bugging in.

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  1. I have the heavier Lodge griddle and love it. I have heard complaints that the lite one has too low of sides and does not contain the grease when cooking bacon etc. A friend of mine actually dumped the lite one in the trash after getting the heavier one. The heavier Lodge griddle has a grease trap for the grease to run into preventing messes. It also heats more evenly.

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