Old Fashion Cooking

I have been conducting research on cooking in the late 1800 thru early 1900’s.  One thing I am finding is how much we have forgot.  Reading some of the older cook books has reminded me of a lot of things that were common when I was a child, but are now forgotten.  Things like everyone having a meat grinder to make their own hamburger.  The foods my mother cooked were all homemade, few frozen or packed dishes.  Preparedness Mom and I are going to start posting information on this subject.  To get you thinking here is a chart out of an old cookbook.



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  1. Shadowfaxhound says:

    I have (and use) the original Joy of Cooking cook book. It has lots of total homemade recipes and recipes for wild game. You can possibly find this book (2 books now) at second hand stores or garage, estate sales. New editions are quite pricey.

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